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Anuvaa the leading SEO company in Navi Mumbai, ensure that your website attains TOP rankings in various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. International companies located in USA, New Zealand and India prefer us as their internet marketing partners. Being the best  SEO company in Navi Mumbai we have successfully delivered various projects since 2011 which include Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM) and E-commerce Websites for a Multinational company and Start-up.

As we are a leading SEO Company in Navi Mumbai our best technical expertise for Search Engine Optimization(SEO) plans and customizes each and every project with some unique campaigns so that your website ranks first in the Google result. Each and every page of your website must be optimized which is done by our expertise. Being a Search Engine Specialist we have done a good research in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and will continue to keep updated with the changes in this area so that your website is well optimized. Being the best SEO Company in Navi Mumbai we have a team of well-talented content writers for SEO as well as for Content marketing. The most important way to beat your competitors is to know what keywords are they targeting. We have strong software that will help to get the best result to beat your competitors and rank first in the google ranking page.

Every search for information or transaction begins with a query on top search engines like Google. With the help of our expertise, we make sure that your query is in the top search results that Google shows to its users. That is the ultimate objective and the result our SEO Services aims for. However, there is one major difference between us and other companies/agency in this space. As we are a leading SEO company in Navi Mumbai and are here to deliver organic traffic and quality leads. We will help to increase your brand visibility and enhance your brand’s value.

We have a good knowledge about how the Google algorithm works and we optimize your page accordingly as this algorithm is being updated frequently it becomes difficult to rank first. Being the best SEO company in Navi Mumbai we always keep our self-updated with the changes in the algorithm and we make sure that our clients always stay in the first page of google.

Is your an E-commerce Website and you have a low conversion rate?. We will check your bounce rate, rate of conversion, exit rate and will increase your conversion rate. It is really important that your business is known to the right audience so we built the relationship with the other website and blogs within the same area.

Being the leading SEO company in Navi Mumbai our aim is to deliver quality traffic to your website. Our SEO process involves white hat and natural practices which helps us to deliver you quality ranking results and make sure that your website ranks organically and stays in the google ranking for a long period of time. The web is built on relationships and to get a link from another website helps your website to rank in top. Having the responsibility on being the leading SEO company in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai we make sure that your website shows its visibility in Google’s first page leaving behind millions of website that is present on the Internet.

SEO Services that we provide

Our SEO services include Keyword Research, Meta Tags for keywords and description, content creation and/or recommendations for existing or proposed content, Listing to major search engines and directories [Directory listing /submission], tracking the status of various keywords used, updating on latest search engine ranking formula or algorithm.

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1.Competition Analysis

SEO company in Navi Mumbai

Competition Analysis awareness will keep you ahead in the game

In search engine optimization, competition analysis plays a very important role. It sometimes happens that even after adhering to all the steps, a website does not do as well as it is supposed to. Being the leading SEO company in Navi Mumbai our professional digital marketing firm such as ours can conduct a meticulous competition analysis for your firm. Tough competition is a factor that plays a strong role when it comes to low rankings on Google and therefore it must be monitored. Analyzing SEO competition is a technique that must be learned and understood in the best manner possible. Here are a few steps that we use to track the success and failure of our customers’ competitors Analyzing competition is a tedious task. Here at Anuvaa(SEO company in Navi Mumbai), we aim to provide you with top competitor analysis by following all the steps mentioned above. If you wish not to be left behind in the race, then let us help you conduct a thorough research and create a game plan that keeps you on the top ranks on Google.

  • The first step to analyzing competition is to identify competitors. For an offline business, this is quite simple. All one needs to do is make a list of their competitors and track them online. In situations where businesses are unaware about their competitors, there are various methods that could be used to track them down.

    • Track the competition for long tail keywords
    • All the major players in that niche
    • Websites those have high rankings on Google with similar keywords.

    All the above helps create a list of main competitors.

  • Once the competitors have been identified, we visit their websites separately. We monitor the quality of content that they are providing, the website design, the kind of URLs they are using, etc. All of this gives us a clear idea as to what kind of work has to be put into building a website that Google loves.

  • Keywords are the tools that help in optimizing a website to the fullest. It may happen that a keyword is considered important whereas the main competitors do not have it in their list at all. We use different tools such as the keyword suggestions tool and keyword cloud and density in order to create a keyword list of high quality.

  • Backlink is another factor that plays a crucial role in SEO. While checking competitors’ websites, it is imperative that a note is made of the backlinks used by them. Tracking their origin, number, anchor text, etc. helps to analyze their status on this front. In case competitors are using backlinks from websites that are popular, the webmaster for that website can be contacted in order to get the same backlinks for the website that needs to be optimized.

  • Along with keywords and backlinks, a thorough examination of competitors’ websites needs to be conducted. Using different keywords in the search engines can check their rankings on Google and other search engines.

2.Link Building

Link Building- creating mindfulness about your presence

Link building is occurring on a vast scale. Each site needs an alternate genuine site to show their link on their page. This makes the sites more prevalent. It may happen that individuals may not be conscious about your site however its appearance on an alternate site can build a movement for your page. Link building is occurring on a vast scale. Each site needs an alternate genuine site to show their link on their page. This makes the sites more prevalent. It may happen that individuals may not be conscious about your site however its appearance on an alternate site can build a movement for your page. It is a two-way road. The more reliable sites show your links, the higher the chances of increased traffic on your webpage.

As we are the Leading SEO company in Navi Mumbai we know various methods that need to be undertaken in order to successfully do link building for the website of our customers.

SEO Company in Navi Mumbai

The professionals at Anuvaa(SEO company in Navi Mumbai) are completely aware of the different techniques of link building. After understanding the requirements of our customers, we brainstorm in order to decide the tactic that should be undertaken and which will best benefit our customers.

Link building is an important technique. Smaller sites do the manual effort link building projects by sending out requests and they can also take on link exchanges method. In this, you consent to show the link of one site as long as they consent to show yours. On the other hand, bigger sites generally do link building through the natural editorial methods as more individuals wish to be connected with them.

It is dependably more productive that comparative sites showcase links of one another. We help you in link building strategies by scanning for pages that are like yours and afterward taking after the manual effort program by filling forms to assemble links.

  • Manual Link Submissions- Using this method, we directly ask similar websites as that of our competitors to post their links on the webpage of our customers by using non-monetary methods.

  • Competitive Link Acquisition- In this, we research the links ofthe competitors of our customers who are in the top ranks. We then try to adapt similar strategies and get more links using those methods.

  • Earning links via Embedded Content- We offer widgets, embeddable forms, etc. and whenever anyone mentions it in an article or blog, the webpage of our customers get link backs.

  • Viral Campaigns- The viral content tries to attract links from different webpages and reference it on customers’ websites. Links that are liked more by the targeted group have a higher chance of success.

  • Content, Technology & API Licensing- In this, we mention the names of a few websites on the pages of our customers and this mention has been licensed by the said websites. These sites also provide link backs to the website of our customers.

  • Partnerships, Exchanges & Trades- Within these, we connect with websites that are similar to our customers’ and exchange links in order to stand on a global platform and reach out far and wide.

  • Paid links- As the name suggests, customers pay for exchanging links. It can be legitimate or via a broker.

3.Keyword Analysis

SEO Company in Navi Mumbai


Keyword research is when professionals indulging in search engine optimization look for keywords in order to optimize their website and achieve a higher ranking on Google. These keywords are the terms that users use while exploring their desired topics on Google.

Keyword research is when professionals of Anuvaa (SEO company in Navi Mumbai) indulging in search engine optimization look for keywords in order to optimize their website and achieve a higher ranking on Google. These keywords are the terms that users use while exploring their desired topics on Google.

There is no such thing as using the ‘right keywords’. This is because different users have different methods and terms that they use to search for different topics. Some users may use the keywords that you have adapted in your website while others may not even think about it.

Keyword research is a non-obvious activity as you never know what goes on in the minds of the user. As this is a rudimentary process, a lot of time and effort should be spent in building a strong keyword list. There are a lot of activities after keyword research, and if this is not done properly then all of those activities suffer a negative impact.

A great importance should be placed upon long tail keywords. These keywords can help you achieve great conversions. For example- if you are selling bottled mineral water and a user posts a query asking ‘is bottled mineral water good for health?’ It is obvious that if you answer this question, the user will be attracted to your website.

At Anuvaa(SEO company in Navi Mumbai), we follow very important steps while doing keyword research in order to widely reach out to your customer base.

The professionals at Anuvaa(SEO company in Navi Mumbai) are well aware of conducting the kind of keyword research that can help in ensuring that the website of our customers’ companies maintains top rankings on Google. We have experienced practitioners who have helped different companies across different industries optimize their webpages. Since this is one of the primary steps to search engine optimization, hiring experts would be a very lucrative decision.

  • We start by building up your keyword universe. The different words that can be associated with your business are made a note of. We peruse through PPC data, competitor insights, internal search data, analytics data, etc. in order to get the keywords that will help in maximum optimization. This helps create a “seed word” list.

  • The Google Keyword List can be used in order to expand your “seed word” list. We check the search volumes of the different keywords that have been finalized. The best way is to use the paid method to check the conversion rates of different keywords. It helps us create an ace keyword list for your website.

  • Once we have created a keyword universe for you, we make a priority list. This list will include the important keywords. Some firms may have 20 important keywords whereas big businesses can end up with 100 or more. We prioritize those keywords that have a higher ability to generate more website traffic for your company.

  • After this, we bifurcate these keywords into different groups andassociate them with different landing pages.

  • Lastly, there is always the possibility that newer keywords can help you increase your business. To stay on top of it, we keep an eye on analytics and PPC data so that we can refresh the keywordsthat you have been using time and again.


On Page Optimization- an important SEO tool

The goal of on page and off page optimization is to generate a theme consistent with your targeted keywords. The search engine is a robot, not a human. Being the leading SEO company in Navi Mumbai you must follow our proven process to educate the robot so that it brings your website up when your potential customers are searching for specific business related keywords.

On Page optimization is a part of search engine optimization that focuses on how the pages of a particular website can be optimized and what can be done on the pages itself. This happens after competition analysis, keyword research and link building.

SEO company in Navi Mumbai
  • Architecture and URL structure
    Our professionals are responsible for designing an attractive webpage and deciding the URL structure. Website development is a creative technique that involves understanding how to present our customers’ products and services to their customers.

  • Content Optimization
    Building content for a website requires that the users be kept in mind when the content is developed. But for the purpose of optimization, it must be ensured that the keywords are not limited only to the headline but are repeated over and over in the content.
    t can be taken care of by concentrating on the needs of the users first while developing the content. After the content has been developed, it can be modified to suit the needs of the search engines.

  • META Tags
    hese include the title tag and the description. These help users identify what exactly a particular page is talking about and whether or not it is of any use to them.

  • Frequency of content update
    Search engines are always looking for something fresh. It is important that you continuously feed new and renewed information on your website. This is done not only for the users but also for search engines as, they will promote your website if they find fresh content on it.

  • Image, Header and Video Optimization
    Interesting graphics help grab a lot of attention. Converting your content into videos and pictures help customers in understanding the offerings of a company.

The above-mentioned pointers are our checklist. For on page optimization, we ensure that we cover all the topics and provide the best service to our customers. These pointers allow us to stay focused on the work that we need to carry out and give first priority to the needs of our customers.


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