Social media platforms act as a megaphone through which it becomes easier and more convenient to listen in to the conversations of other people. E-commerce websites get a chance to eavesdrop on these conversations and use it to their advantage. If people are aware about your brand then they will be talking about it and if they are talking about it then you might as well listen.

There are various benefits that e-commerce websites can avail by effective social media listening-

  • Brands will become aware of what people are saying about them.

  • They will know the topics being discussed.

  • They will also become aware of who the influencers are.

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    There are different ways by which e-commerce websites can leverage social media listening. The World Wide Web gives you golden opportunities to gain insight into the conversations that your customers are having about you.

    E-commerce companies will also be able to understand how to improve their marketing techniques and better position their product in the market. There are conversations taking place about your brand so it would be completely irresponsible to avoid listening to them. If you want to provide maximum customer satisfaction then it would be easier to understand customer problems via social media listening and resolve them.

    Social media listening for e-commerce companies is not an easy task. A lot of time and energy gets invested when one decides to carry this out. A layman is not proficient enough to understand the signals that should be received and the noise that should be avoided. Professionals are better trained to bifurcate the good from the useless and provide the firm with feedback that matters.

    At Anuvaa, our aim via social media listening is to understand the needs and problems of the customers and forward it to the brand in question. This way the marketing and positioning of a brand can be done in a manner not thought of before.

    Tools that we use at Anuvaa for effective social media listening-

    • Twitter Advanced Search

    • Google Alerts

    • Youtube Reviews

    The customers that are conversing about you on the World Wide Web are not limited by age and geography. Therefore, the messages that are received are a general view of your customers. E-commerce websites should create their identity on different social media platforms.

    It so happens that many brands feel that creating a page on Facebook is as far as they need to go. Well, the world has moved far and beyond. Today we have Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube and many more such websites. They are attracting people from different geographies and locations. Providing information about your brand on all the relevant social media platforms will assure that your potential and current customers become aware about your existence.

    If all this is done then listening on social media will be more effective than anticipated.

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