Application development on social media has caught up really fast. Businesses are looking to engage their customers and therefore, the concept of social media application development can be seen growing wildly. There are different themes around which social media applications can revolve:
  • Share Stories: An application that is based on share stories gives users an opportunity to share their experiences and stories relating to a particular brand. In this, various users who have had an experience with that brand can tell tales of themselves using that product and even carry out discussions.

  • Trivia: The most basic form of communication is when people quiz each other on different topics. Developing applications that allow users to take quizzes is very interactive and keeps the users involved. These applications go viral very quickly.

  • Contest: Building such applications that allow users to compete with one another is a very common yet successful theme of applications. Human beings have a competitive nature and giving them a chance to compete with each other and win rewards for the same will keep customer involvement to its maximum and enhance viral growth.

  • Marketplace: A lot of e-commerce websites have taken themselves to facebook and are using it as a medium to buy and sell. Since facebook is a social media platform, customers can be seen becoming more comfortable and making more purchases through these applications.

  • Flash Games: Flash Games are very interactive since it is a combination of animations and facilitates easy switch between pages. Customer involvement is very high.

  • Gifts: Giving gifts to one another is a tradition that has been carried out for quite some time now. Virtual gifting has also picked up pace. It allows users to create a theme on which they want the gift to revolve around and create a gift and send it to the person they wish to. It gives them an opportunity to create exactly what they would like to give.

  • Votes: There are various applications that ask audience about their views on a particular topic and ask them to vote. They are very engaging and people get an opportunity to discuss the things they want to. They get a list of options from which they can choose their favorites.

  • Personalization: People come up with unique ideas on a daily basis. If anyone wishes to design an application on the basis of an idea then we can do that as well.

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    Anuvaa has an ace team of professionals and resources that are highly capable of building Facebook applications. These applications permit you to keep your customers involved in your page by framing them around quizzes, sports events, sending gifts, etc.

    In case you already have an idea as to what your application should look like then we can help you choose the right social media application suite or if you just know what your end goal is then we can customize these applications to best suit your needs.

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