Do you want to get real time insights into what is being said about you by your customers? Are you looking for someone who can identify and analyze these insights and provide you with a concrete result as to what you could do? Well, you have come to the right place. We, at Anuvaa, strive to build you better strategies by helping you understand the needs and requirements of your customers.

Social media listening is a weapon that companies can use in order to define a better strategy and better understand the feelings of their customers. Effective social media listening is when what is said about a brand can be identified and analyzed in the best manner possible. This information can be collected from social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. or through blogs and chat rooms. There are no limitations as to where you could collect all this information.

Usually, firms decide to wait for a crisis and only then do they resort to social media listening. One piece of advice, do not wait for a time when your competitor becomes the first preference for your customer. If your customers had followed traditional methods of complaining, then you would have listened. You would have made every effort to fulfill the needs and wants of that customer. In the same manner, customers are talking about you online so that you can get the message, so why not listen to them? These messages are sitting on different websites and blogs just for your perusal.

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    Industries worldwide understand the importance of social media listening. Travel agencies can also leverage it to their advantage.

    • While listening online, they can identify who they wish to engage with in order to see an increment in sales

    • A specific customer base that is looking for travelling options can also be targeted.

    Social media listening is not something that firms can do themselves. If they want the right results then hiring professionals is the best option. The investments made in social media listening are nothing as opposed to the return on these investments.

    Anuvaa hires professionals who are trained in effective social media listening. There are different strategies that we adopt-

    • We vehemently believe in real-time crisis management. If there is something on the web that the firm needs to know about, we inform them at the earliest so that the problem can be taken care of.

    • Competitor Analysis is of utmost importance. It helps us understand how the competitors are staying ahead in the race and what strategies can we use to do the same.

    • Social media listening involves listening to the feelings and sentiments of a customer about your brand and conveying it to you.

    • We collect as much insight as possible and pass on the information to you in order to help you build a better marketing and positioning strategy and develop a better product.

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