Here is the List of Top Digital Marketing Institutes in Mumbai with Fees and Placement. The important fact is that there are lots of Digital Marketing Courses and Certifications available. Selecting the Best Digital Marketing course in Mumbai is a challenge as a there are plethora of digital marketing institutes/training centres. How do you decide if that is a reliable institute or not?  Where do these Digital marketers come from and with what sort of education and experience? We would be covering blogs on Top Digital Marketing Institutes in Thane & Best Digital Marketing Institute in Navi Mumbai in the future.

This blog can provide all the aspiring digital marketers looking to break into the world of digital marketing with top-rate consultation and guidance bringing them considerable relief. Time is money, and since you are investing it in reading this, I guarantee you a good return on your investment. I bring this wealth of knowledge in this blog and lay it out for you to use in your professional pursuits. First, I am going to talk about the major key points that you need to focus on before associating with a digital marketing institute.

  • Brand reputation is very essential because it is a measure of the perceived excellence of the institution that you choose to enrol with. What do the alumni say about the course and the impact it has had on their career? Did they enhance themselves at the institute were they helped later in the future when not a part of the institute? It is highly advised to incorporate the reputation and testimonials of a digital marketing institute into your decision-making process when choosing to study with one.
  • Location: Location can play a huge factor in the experience and opportunities your institute of choice will offer you,there is going to be a reliable public transportation system. A little planning and some smart rescheduling of travel plans can help you beat Mumbai’s notorious traffic jams
  • Fee structure:  Most of the times, prospective students perceive great potential in those digital marketing institutes which appear to be elite and have higher sticker prices. Do u think it is logical to think so and gravitate towards them ? Do you think if the extra cost is worth it or your money is just going down the drain ? Do they earn significantly more than their counterparts after completion of the course ?  *THINKING CAPS ON* The reality is that Digital Marketing is no rocket science and ultimately the value of your course education will depend on u. Learning everything that you can from your Digital Marketing course , completing internships, availing every opportunity to work hands on in a professional environment and getting the real world experience is what will help you shape your career and is actually the real investment for your future. Think wisely and choose such a digital marketing institute which improves your chances as a job applicant and help make you a better potential employee.
  • Choice of Batch : It is always smart to choose a digital marketing course which is designed to cater the needs of students and gives them a choice between a weekday or a weekend batch
    • Placements :  A lot of institutes guarantee 100 % job placement but not all of them can really assist you with a job. It is beneficial that any institute you enroll with allows you to intern with them along with the Digital Marketing Course and get your foot in the door of a company because it will motivate you to work efficiently in your future jobs and ventures throughout.
    • Faculty : You should do a thorough research about how experienced the institution is in its services and how well versed their industry leaders are in digital marketing practices. One man said “Better than a thousand days of intelligent study is, one day with a great teacher. The faculty should be subject matter specialist with tremendous knowledge of Digital Marketing and hands on experience with top companies so that they could inspire you to connect with one such company in the future. Your success ratio  depends more on the faculty as compared to the course , if it was the course that mattered you could have done numerous Digital Marketing courses online sitting at home. The right faculty will make the difference you need to expertise in digital marketing. If you like everything else about the institute but not as confident about the teacher that could be issue you need to focus on.
    • Academics : I can’t stress how important it is to go with the right academics that would shape you a brighter future.
      Make sure the content that they provide you at the institute is updated and  based on the practical training because when it comes to digital marketing, practical training gives you the confidence and the exposure you require. It is beneficial if the digital marketing institute that you have enrolled for has an in house agency so that they can offer you insights on the latest trends in an engaging, understandable
      style.  This course should be a module that includes everything you need to know about digital marketing beginning from the basic to every detail. Because that small detail is the difference between being a good digital marketer to being an expert digital marketer.
    • Here is my carefully crafted list of the best digital marketing courses in Mumbai :

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Rank Institute Duration Fees Location Contact No.
1 Freelancers Academy 4 (adv) months 34,500/-(adv) Andheri / Navi Mumbai/Thane 09082006765
2 IIDE 6 months 80,508+taxes Andheri, Churchgate, Mulund 09619958615
3 Apexonline Academy 2-3 Months 25,000 Borivali / Mira Road / Vasai 9158365530
4 Lips India 2-3 months 30,000/- Borivali, Andheri & Thane 8424041800
5 SP Jain 6 months 5,00,000/- Kurla 18002121827
6 Compufield 2 months 25500/- 09820134058
7 Digital 360 3-4 months Borivali 9096893171
8 Edupristine  60,000/- Andheri 18002005835
9 Optron Academy 3-6 months 36,000(basic)/- to 75,000/-(adv) Goregaon 09833189090
10 School of Digital Marketing 2-3 months 35,000/- 09892734331
11 Digi Perform 2-4 months 25,000/-(basic) to 55,000/-(adv) Andheri West Available
12 DMTI 3 months 26,500/- Andheri & Dadar 09930925822

 List of Best Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai

Rank 1.Freelancers Academy :

Website :

Phone Number: 9930898222

Location : Andheri, Vashi , Thane

Best Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai

Freelancers academy is not your usual training setup. They have their in-house Digital Marketing Agency Anuvaa. Which gives students the opportunity to work on live Projects. There Agency is rated as of the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Navi Mumbai.They have been rated by Radio City 91.1 Fm as the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai 2019.

One of the most widely known and highly respected institutes to host a Digital Marketing Course in Mumbai is Freelancers Academy. This Digital Marketing Course is a full-time, feature learning experience suited for anyone seeking a career in Digital Marketing regardless of any educational background which increases the diversity in their class. The course content goes both broad and deep.  The course faculty consists of all highly-respected leaders and practitioners of digital marketing. It arms learners with all of the vital skill sets needed for digital marketing and provides a wealth of practical information to help you pass numerous professional exams like Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook, YouTube and more, which will help you stand out from the bundle of resumes. A well planned and structured training course from an expert establishment will prepare the students for the competitive Industry and Freelancers Academy takes pride in presenting themselves as one of the best and their track records prove it. Their committed, lively and experienced staff is constantly accessible to help the students with their activities. If a student wishes to become a pro at digital marketing then they guarantee that they provide you with the best mentors in the Industry to teach their Digital Marketing course. This field is filled with job opportunities and the rates are increasing exponentially. However, to become an expert in this field, one will require proper training and guidance and that is where Freelancers Academy comes in as one of the best Digital Marketing Institutes in Mumbai. The Digital Marketing Course at Freelancers also offer real-world projects as part of the program, where you get to run live campaigns on major marketing platforms. The cost for the program is 35k INR and includes all the course material, personalized support and opportunity to be mentored by industry professionals, as well as additional resources in the form of online tutorials (15 mins videos). Unlike their counterparts, they do not have a conventional training setup, but are a Digital Marketing Agency that provides interactive training at their Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai. They have a large number of Freelancing openings which will assist the students with job opportunities.

Given below are the course contents

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • WordPress
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Google Analytics
  • Content Marketing
  • E Mail Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

In addition to these basic modules, Freelancers Academy also offers competition analysis online and online reputation management as one of the modules. For those who choose to get online sessions, they offer live recordings of the sessions and training on various projects and assignment. They also guarantee 100% placement support to the students. The course has both classroom and online classes. The digital marketing course is an exhaustive 2 months classroom + 2 months online project + 2 months internship program. Freelancers Academy can be contacted for further details including their fees structure.

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NAME Freelancers Academy
FEES 34,500 INR
LOCATION Andheri & Navi Mumbai
BATCH Weekday &Weekend

Rank 2. IIDE :

Indian Institute of Digital Education also known as IIDE is one of the institutes that provide top Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai. IIDE was founded with a vision to build a digital ecosystem. By understanding the need of the hour and taking into account the increasing rise of digital marketing professionals, IIDE focusses on imparting Digital Marketing education.


  • Introduction to Digital Marketing

  • Website Planning & Creation

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Content Strategy

  • Web Analytics

  • Media Planning

  • Remarketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Design Essentials

  • Mobile Marketing

  • Influencer Management

  • E-Commerce Management

  • Online Reputation Management

  • Adsense, Blogging & Affiliate Marketing

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DURATION 200 Hours
FEES ₹80,508 + Taxes
LOCATION Andheri, Churchgate, Mulund
BATCH Weekdays & Weekends

Rank 3. Apexonline Academy:

Apexonline Academy is a Digital marketing training center based in Borivali. They also have branches in Mira Road and Vasai.
They offer practical Digital Marketing training to students, fresh graduates as well as working professionals. Students get access to live projects and case studies.
The course is conducted on Weekdays as well as weekends. Timings are flexible. The duration of the course is 2-3 months and the course fees is Rs 25,000.

The course covers 12 major modules and 30 sub modules of Digital Marketing. Given below is the course contents.

  • WordPress

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Web Analytics

  • Mobile Marketing

  • E Mail Marketing

  • Google Adsense

  • Online Reputation Management

  • Content Marketing and Blogging

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • E Commerce Marketing

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NAME Apexonline Academy
DURATION 2-3 Months
FEES 25,000 INR
LOCATION Borivali, Mira Road, Vasai
BATCH Weekdays & Weekends

Rank 4.SP Jain

SP Jain’s Digital Marketing & Metrics (DMM) offer Professional Programs that prepare students for jobs in the fast growing Digital Marketing segment. The program is unique in that it has both theory and practical application of tools and techniques used in Digital Marketing like content development, inbound marketing, social media marketing and evaluation of campaigns. SP Jain offers of the best Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai. They have their campus in Kurla in Mumbai. Digital Marketing is a very important skill in the present day and Spa Jain is one of the best Digital Marketing Institutes in Mumbai. Brands are giving increasingly more significance to going computerized and digital.

This digital Marketing course in Mumbai caters to aspiring digital marketers, working professionals, budding entrepreneurs and anyone who wishes to learn and is interested in the field of Digital Marketing. The objective of the Digital Marketing Course in Mumbai is to master the necessary skills and gain insight into the field of digitalization and to be able to effectively promote any product/service online. At SP Jain, they are concerned about their students make use of a creative ‘Discontinuous Learning’ approach and it combines both learning in the classroom and being trained by mentors and this helps the students apply their theoretical knowledge practically.

This Digital Marketing Course in Mumbai is perfect for individuals who wish to join India’s digital revolution. It will provide the students with the skills that they will need as professionals, and will also help them understand the digital world in a different light.

The duration of the Course is 6 months, the course is split into 4 months of classroom training and 2 months of internship period during which the students can learn better. The fee for the entire course is Rs 5, 00,000 and the classes occur on weekdays in various batches. Students also have the chance to use the EMI facility to pay their fees.

The major themes of digital marketing that the programme covers have been chosen very carefully and after much deliberation. These themes have been composed into five tracks that will be taught during the course of the program.


  • Global Perspective
  • The new world of Marketing
  • Navigating the Digital Matrix
  • Consumers – segmentation, journey mapping and analysis
  • Research Methodology and Inside Mining for the New World


  • Designing a new world of experience
  • Website/App Design
  • The Digital Search
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Content Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Creative that Influences and Impacts


  • Social Media Marketing and Metrics
  • Online Reputation Management and Metrics
  • Mobile First Strategy and Metrics
  • Performance Marketing and Metrics
  • E-Commerce and Metrics


  • CRM, Data Science and Big Data
  • Digital Media Planning, Buying, Digital Ad Sales, Programmatic Buying, Monitoring and Metrics
  • Emerging Technologies and their Impact on Digital Marketing
  • Digital Dashboard – Data and Visual Base Reporting and Analytics


    • Cyber Proofing Digital Assets and Marketing Processes
    • Digital Dashboard – Data and Visual Base Reporting and Analytics
    • Digital Citizenship
    • Capstone – Integrated Digital Marketing on Live Projects
NAME Sp jain
DURATION 6 months
FEES 5 lacs INR
BATCH Weekday Batch

Rank 5.Compufield

Compufield is well known Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai and has existed since 1985. Compufield is a Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai and they provide flexible Digital Marketing courses in Mumbai. The course offered at Compufield is suitable for beginners in this field, marketing students, as well as professionals who are interested in Web Designing and will help each individual to achieve their goals. They have campuses across the city in Bandhra West, Andheri West and Thane West. This Digital Marketing course in Mumbai is a very hands-on, activity driven and case study oriented course. This course is aimed to provide the students with better job opportunities and placement opportunities as it has a comprehensive and well developed curriculum that caters to the needs of every students. The experience of learning at Compufield is unparalleled to all else and the staff are very friendly and interactive. They have a faculty that is elite and knowledgeable and are focused on providing the best experiences to their students. This Digital Marketing Course in Mumbai is interactive and is not just one sided lectures, there are discussions that occur between students and faculty. A limitation to this course is that Internship opportunities are not available.

They have sessions that occur both on weekdays and weekends and the duration of the course is 2 months, During this time period, the students will have to finish 60 hours of learning. The fees for the course is 25,500 INR and is a reasonable and affordable course. Students also have the chance to use the EMI facility to pay their fees. 

NAME Compufield
DURATION 60 hours  ( 2 months)
FEES 25500 INR
LOCATION Bandra west, Andheri west,Thane west
BATCH Weekday &  Weekend
INTERNSHIP Not provided

Rank 6.Digital 360

Digital 360 is a popular Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai. It is an engaging Digital Marketing training Academy that offers Digital Marketing courses for students in under 30 modules that incorporates websites, SEO, digital promotions that includes digital advertising in various formats, social media and of course analytics at a beginners, intermediate and advance levels. Their campus is located in Borivali in Mumbai. At Digital 360, they understand that theoretical knowledge alone isn’t sufficient to study the nuances and niches of Digital Marketing and hence they offer both theoretical and practical training to their students. It is estimated by the year 2020, that every company will need to be present on digital platforms. 2020 is not too far away and companies will look for individuals with knowledge in Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is a great add on skill for individuals and at Digital 360, they equip their students with the necessary skills to receive good recruitment opportunities.

At Digital 360, they wish to expand their knowledge and offer Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai to Students, Working Professionals and Entrepreneurs. They have Industry led Certification programs that teach, enable and validate students to achieve excellence in the field of Digital Marketing. Their mission is to help companies and individuals bridge the gap that exists in online marketing so that they can drive up their ROI and have an advantage over their competitors. Classes occur on both weekdays and weekends.

At Digital 360, they offer The Advance Digital Marketing Training Course which is the ideal options for students looking to validate and improve their Digital Marketing skills with a globally recognized certification. The program which is practitioner-led is delivered by high-calibre digital marketing experts equipped with the most up-to-date tools, trends, and practical insights within the industry. Internship opportunities are not provided by the Institute but the students have the freedom to look for their own Internship opportunities.

They also offer a Digital Marketing training course for beginners in the field and provide them with an introduction to the field of Digital Marketing through course digital marketing mechanisms, like mobile marketing , social media marketing ,Email marketing, PPC marketing and SEO to name a few.

If students wish to choose the Dronacharya course for weekdays, then the duration of the course is 3 months and if the students opt for weekend classes, then the duration of the course is 4 months. Weekend classes are offered for the convenience of students who have other obligations during weekdays. The Dronacharya Course costs 45,000 INR and the Arjuna Course costs 20,000 INR. EMI facility is provided for the students for the payment of their fees. 

NAME Digital 360
DURATION Dronacharya course Weekday 3 months Weekend  4 months
FEES Dronaharya  course 45k INR &  Arjuna course 2ok INR
BATCH Weekday and Weekend
INTERNSHIP Not provided

Rank 7. Edupristine digital marketing course:

Edupristine is one of the biggest names in the world of education and has a global presence. They have classroom courses in Mumbai which are conducted in Andheri east. They have classroom training in various other cities in India. The speciality of this course is that it is a relatively short term full time course of just 12 days. However most of the topics are well covered in this duration. They also require students to complete a live project on a website on the last day. Their classes occur on both weekdays and weekends.

They provide 100 percent placement assistance to all students who successfully complete the training program. At the end of the program, students need to complete an online exam based on the performance of which the certificate is given. All students who score more than 50 percent in the exam get a Certificate of Excellence in collaboration with “Microsoft IT Academy Program”. There is no Internship provided with the course, but students are free to search for Internship/Job opportunities outside the realms of the course. The pricing for the entire course is 60,000 INR. However, EMI facility is not available to the students.

Training Details

  • 60 Hrs of Classroom Training
  • Preparation of Google Ad-words Certification
  • Hard Copy of Study Notes
  • Practical Case Studies & Practice Exercises
  • Online course materials
  • Assignment
  • Doubt solving forum
  • Exam/ Test
  • Certificate of Participation/Certificate of Excellence
NAME Edupristine
LOCATION andheri
BATCH weekday and weekend
INTERNSHIP not provided
EMI FACILITY available

Rank 8. Optron Academy

Optron Academy is an outstanding Digital Marketing Institution in Mumbai which gives advanced Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai. They additionally have a services and consultation wing. As part of their services they provide digital marketing, email marketing and lead generation services. The Institute is located in Guregaon in Mumbai. Optron’s Digital Marketing course incorporates includes updated information, live projects, lots of useful tips and tricks and they have well qualified expert trainers to help their students excel. They also issue certifications upon the completion of the course. Their certified Digital Marketing Course in Mumbai encompasses all important digital marketing modules in detail. These courses are recommended and suitable for Working Professionals, Business owners and Students who needs quick overview of Digital Marketing and how to implement digital marketing. The course offered is in-depth, practical and career oriented and will help students find jobs as the end of the course.

The Advanced Digital Marketing Course is a 6 month course. The Advanced Digital Marketing course covers in-depth Digital Marketing with advanced tools. They also have 3 month Basic course that is available and the timings are flexible to cater to the needs and requirements of the students. The course at Optron Academy is less focused on theory and more focused on practical experience so that the students are well equipped with the skill set and knowledge that they will require to become proficient digital marketers. There are various batches and there are both weekday and weekend batches for the convenience of the students. Students are trained to look for Job/Internship opportunities at the end of the course and are equipped with the skills needed to find a job in the Digital Marketing segment of the economy.

Their content and training material is updated regularly and they are always trying to keep their syllabus up to date. The course is based in real time and is the need of the hour. With the world transitioning towards digital platforms and digital media, digital marketing is absolutely necessary and Optron Academy understands this need and is aiming to equip is students effectively.

Their training modules include:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEO + Google Adwords)
  • Social Media Marketing + Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Blogging using wordpress
  • Digital Marketing Strategy Planning
  • Digital Marketing Case Study

The fee structure of the basic course is 36,000 INR and the fee structure of the Advanced Course is 75,000 INR. EMI facilities are available to the students in the payment of their fees. 

DURATION 3 Months Basic course and  6 months Adv course
FEES 36k  INR(basic) and 75K INR (adv)
BATCH Weekend & Weekday
INTERNSHIP Not provided

Rank 9. LIPSINDIA (Lavenir) digital marketing course:

Lipsindia is a well-known and well established Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai that offers Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai. Their course offers a practical hands-on learning approach on all the channels of digital marketing likeSearch Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Google Adwords – PPC, Display Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Ad-server, Affiliate Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Analytics and other tools. All the courses are taught my experts in the field of Digital Marketing. Their Digital Marketing Course in Mumbai is offered through training programs in classrooms and they have both weekday and weekend options, offering the student’s flexibility and convenience. Our Their Advanced Digital Course Curriculum has educational modules that give the students the perfect blend of practical knowledge so that they can work for any Digital Marketing agency in the country. Students can also start their own websites or run their own business or become freelancers in the field with the knowledge that they gain from the course. Though Internship opportunities are not available to the students, the recruitment team at LIPSIA would be in charge of guaranteeing that everybody who takes up the course gets the necessary job opportunities. This course is run jointly by LIPSINDIA and SEED. As a result the students have the opportunity to learn from IIT/IIM alumni. LIPSINDIA also has a placement assistance program.

The course trains the students in all areas digital marketing including, SEO, SEM, social media marketing, display marketing etc. The campuses of Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai are located in Borivali, Andheri and Thane.

The Course can be taken as either a full time or a part time course and the duration of the course is either 2 or 3 months. The fees for the course is about 30,000 INR which includes the cost of certification. EMI facility is available to the students for the payment of the fees which can be paid in instalments. 

LOCATION Borivali, Andheri & Thane
BATCH Weekend & Weekday

Rank 10. School of Digital Marketing

The School of digital marketing is one of the largest and best digital marketing institutes in India. They have branches in many different locations India such as Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Indore, Nagpur, Nashik etc. They are one of the best Digital Marketing Institutes in Mumbai. In Mumbai, the training centres are located in Chembur and Mulund. At the School of Digital Marketing they have an advanced course in digital marketing. In addition they also offer short crash courses in SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing etc.

This Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai offers both weekday and weekend class and the batch timing are flexible making it easier for students to enrol. Morning, afternoon and evening batches are available on weekdays. Weekend batches are also available. The duration of the entire course is 2 months if students opt for weekday classes and takes 3 months if students opt for weekend classes.  The entire course takes up 70 to 75 hours and the students receive a certification at the end of the course.

Internship opportunities are available and once the students complete their internships, they provide 100 percent placement assistance to their students. You can find a list of students they have placed in various companies on their website. Their advanced digital marketing course covers all the major topics in digital marketing in detail. They have the most affordable digital marketing course fee in Mumbai. In addition, they also offer lifetime learning access which means the students can take up classes for as long as they require until they feel they are equipped with the necessary skills to be successful in this Industry. The Course syllabus is expansive but comprehensive and the faculty are well equipped with knowledge and also help clear the doubts of the students.

The cost of the course is 35,000 INR and the Institute offers EMI options to the students to pay their fees.

NAME School of digital marketing
LOCATION Mulund & Chembur
BATCH Weekday & Weekend

Rank 11. Digi Perform

Digi Perform is one of the best leading foundations for digital marketing and mass media courses in Mumbai. At Digi Perform, they promise the students the best of resources and best of faculty to tutor them and every one of the courses has both theoretical and practical components to furnish the students with inside and out learning in every detail concerning digital marketing. The faculty also works hard to resolve the doubts of their students. The curriculum at Digi Perform is based endorsements & suggestions from over 450 corporates across Asia. With the certificates that the students receive from Digi Perform, the students gain an edge in the field of Digital Marketing. At this Institute, they train the students on every single aspect regarding digital marketing including search, social, mobile, email and affiliate. At the end of this program, the students would be capable enough to make their own websites, improve common rankings of destinations and run paid advertisements on web indexes and web based life. At Digi Perform they offer an in-depth training program with 30 Modules and 320 learning hours. This is followed by 2 online certification tests and DM program that sets a benchmark. The duration of the basic course is 2 months and the duration of the advanced course is 4 months. They have both weekday and weekend classes, and students can choose the option that they prefer.

With the aid of this Digital Marketing course in Mumbai, the students will be equipped with the skill set and knowledge that that they will require to excel in digital marketing. They also provide a wide range of Internship opportunities to their students. Digi Perform has its office in Andheri West. They offer full digital marketing courses and specific modules as well. The fee structure for the basic course is 25,000 INR and the fee structure for the advanced course is 55,000 INR. The students have the option to pay their fees in instalments through EMI. 

NAME Digi Perform
DURATION 2 months for basic course & 4 months for advanced
FEES 25k INR  basic course and 55k INR for advanced  
LOCATION Andheri west
BATCH Weekday and Weekend batch

Rank 12. Digital marketing course in Mumbai softpro computer education.(DMTI):

Softpro Computer Education was founded in 1992 and since its inception it has been imparting Computer knowledge and Computer Courses to many large Multi-National Companies in India. They are one of the leading computer training institute in Mumbai. Softpro Computer education is also a popular Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai and they offer Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai.
They have many courses to suit the needs and requirements of each student. They are a training Institute that is recognized and internationally well-known with over 15,000 student base and 27+ years of reputation for imparting Quality Education in 43 different Computer Courses. They have both weekday and weekend batches. The duration of the course for the weekday batch is 2.5 months and the duration of the course for weekend batch is 3 months.

The Advanced Digital Marketing Diploma is a Digital Marketing Course in Mumbai offered by SoftPro. It a comprehensive training course which covers all digital marketing subjects like SEO, SEM, Social media marketing, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, E-Mail marketing, Google analytics etc. They provide classroom training with very interactive training methods.

The structure of the course is very hands on to help the students and has about 80 percent practicals and 20 percent theory. They do not provide Internships with the course but provide 100 percent placement assistance at the end of the course. The specialty of their course is that they prepare you for Google certification. They have three training centres in Mumbai that are situatted in Dadar west, Matunga west and Andheri west.

The course content for the course is:

  • Introduction to Digital Media Marketing – an Overview
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Advanced Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • E-Commerce Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Digital Ad Sales Training
  • Digital Media Planning & Buying
  • Programmatic Buying
  • Digital Data Analytics
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
DURATION 2.5  months for weekday and 3 months for weekend    
LOCATION Andheri & Dadar
BATCH Weekday and Weekend
INTERNSHIP Not provided

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There are Digital Marketing Training Institutes that claim that they can give Google Certificate, Facebook Certificate and HubSpot Certificate, but that’s not true these companies don’t have an exclusive tie-up with any training centre. If you really want to be Google or Facebook certified all you have to do is go on google and apply for google certification and it’s free of cost. Lots of student fall prey to this technique. The only certificate that works is the work experience certificate which is widely accepted in the companies is work experience certificate because they need people with exposure and not theoretical knowledge.
Here is the link for Google Certification ( includes DISPLAY, SEARCH, MEASUREMENT, VIDEO, SHOPPING)











There are digital marketing training centres in Mumbai that claim we provide 100% guaranteed placement to all our students. But this is a big lie. the most that any training centre can do is send you for an interview. any training centre claiming more than that is a big scam. This is a technique that training centres use to get maximum enrollments.


when you decide to do a digital marketing course. you have two option whether to do an online digital marketing course or an offline digital marketing course. if your a new entrant in digital marketing we would recommend doing a faculty-based digital marketing course in Mumbai because that will ensure that you give your undivided attention when you do the course.


There are many training centres some offer 1-month course some offer one year course.So what is the ideal course duration for a Digital Marketing Course? You can do a two-year course in digital marketing and still not learn a thing an ideal course is the one where you the opportunity to work on live clients.