Bing Campaign

When it comes to search engines, Google has a stronger customer base than Bing. This means that the competition on Bing is not that high as everyone is more keen on advertising themselves on Google. This makes Bing an untapped market.

The use of Bing as a search engine is increasing in countries such as US and Europe. Therefore, advertising on this website and making your existence known here will prove to be a big advantage. Since the competition is less, the expenditure incurred will also be lower as compared to the expenditure required to advertise in Google.

Building campaigns requires a company to make investments. For this, it is best that professional help be hired so that these investments are best utilized. Using the internet for marketing products and services and expecting targeted customer traffic requires a good amount of planning and strategizing. Practitioners belonging to the field of digital marketing are well equipped with the right knowledge and tools to help a firm build a strong campaign as opposed to their competitors.

Building and Developing Campaigns

Anuvaa incorporates a few steps in order to successfully build campaigns for websites who wish to present themselves on Bing.

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    • Competition Analysis- We conduct a research on the companies belonging to the same industry as our customers that rank high on Bing. We understand the methods they use in order to achieve that level and design strategies for our customers which are either similar to those or which can prove to yield better results.

    • Keyword Research- Bing Campaign Management requires a thorough keyword research, which can best be done through professional help. This is because we have invested a lot of our time and efforts into understanding these concepts and have hands on experience as we have worked with different companies.We are now capable of coming up with a list of keywords that can generate targeted traffic to a website.

    • Campaign set-up- The next step is to build a campaign consisting of keywords and advertisements. Setting up a campaign structure to incorporate adgroups and trying to cover as much land as possible will help in generating more traffic to the website.

    • Campaign Optimization- After all the work has been done, the campaign needs to be monitored timely to make the necessary changes and keep it updated.

    Bing Campaign Management requires firms to define a budget within which they are willing to operate. Professionals here will place bids on different keywords and target groups based on the budget that will be provided. Building the right campaign allows firms with low budgets to also witness a decent rise in their quality score.

    Anuvaa ensures that a campaign is managed in a way so that users not belonging to the targeted pool of customers can be avoided at all costs. We have high standards and therefore we do everything in our power to live up to these standards.

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