If you’re attempting to find the best digital marketing institute in Churchgate, then you definitely need not look any further, you’ve arrived at the right page. We have accumulated and shared the Top 5 best digital marketing courses in Churchgate that you can sign up for. 

Churchgate is one of the quickest progressing metropolitan cities and an ideal spot for students and working professionals to get probably the best-proficient training. Digital Marketing is one such flair and gifted skill in recent times that each enterprise searches for online. There are numerous institutes in Churchgate imparting Digital Marketing, a number of them have accomplished nicely and are advised and endorsed by specialists. The best digital marketing course in Churchgate is not just an important technique for getting a base in all the crucial disciplines of digital marketing, it’ll further assist and equip you with a lot of other individual assets that will support your professional outcome in the long term.

It is possibly the most pursued course withinside the area of certificate with reference to digital marketing. There are many institutes, and the best digital marketing institute in Churchgate facilitates in supplying you with a very good concept about how you may push ahead for your vocation and make an extraordinary calling in a field this is without a doubt interesting and inviting. 

The best digital marketing institute in Churchgate guarantees that you’re consistently in contact with them for guidance and this is only the tip of the iceberg. We will provide you with the best and probably the most exceptional training you may anticipate withinside the business, and at whatever point you are done with it, you may succeed in any profession. 

Digital marketing encompasses an extensive number of services and it is critical that you study them today as there may be an exceptional future for the same. You must discover the right course for you and with the best digital marketing institute, you will have the choice to do precisely that.


The demand is high:

Maybe the exceptional notion to choose the best digital marketing institute in Churchgate is how there are over 150,000+ positions which require the best and most professional applicants to help with. There are not a whole lot of experts at the present time and you will have the choice to get the best out of the certificates which you choose. 

With the sort of substantial divergence among the demand and supply, your work will become pretty less difficult when you benefit from a certification from the best digital marketing institute in Churchgate, and so, you may do precisely that. You can likewise amplify each one in all your probabilities to make a higher pay package deal and making this move will uphold your bid to work on your personal fulfilment.

At the time of the recession, there have been plenty of new graduates and professionals, who had to struggle to discover job opportunities and the circumstances simply worsened as time went on. Regardless of that, when it got here to digital marketing, the condition become pretty certain. The best digital marketing institute in Churchgate confirmed lots of progressions and it is evident that this is the one area that guarantees higher employment stability and moreover valid incomes for those who value it. 

The statistics could display the number of employees who have been inconvenienced by the situation during the recession, but with a virtual advertising process, you’ll now no longer want to strain so much. These skills are typically well known as they are famous and impactful, and will become a high-quality choice that you may make. You won’t have to worry about the future and when you finish the course with the certificates from the best digital marketing institute in Churchgate, life turns pretty less complicated and better starting thereon. 

The interest for good digital marketers is said to have risen up by 38% up to as much as 38% and this creates the best opportunities to settle in this course. You could make the maximum of the benefits that occur with the very best opportunities which are being created. Pursuing a livelihood in digital marketing makes it future-proof and assertive for your lifestyle.


Job Opportunities:

As you enroll with the best digital marketing institute in Churchgate, you’re promising yourself an exceptional future that promises to land you the best job opportunity and valuable gain in the industry.

A great part of the world’s tech giants has their major headquarters in international locations all over the world, and you will have the choice to get exceptional job possibilities and entrance into such domains. It’s could be uncommon that you might not discover a possibility for job opportunities with this qualification as companies are continuously making use of it. 

There are a variety of businesses that are continuously creating job possibilities in this specific domain. These businesses pay thoroughly whether or not or not they’re crucial to the tech giants across the world. There have been a large number of changes that have opened up over this last year itself. At this point, while you complete the course from the best digital marketing institute in Churchgate, life seems to be a lot less complex.

Potential work applicants further can pursue the choice to choose from a list of businesses with their experience and also you likewise will clearly agree with need to do in tons in addition. You can contemplate the extensive quantity of businesses available and pick one that suits your necessities the best.

Better compensation:

It is just simply that easy. At the point when you complete your course at the best digital marketing institute in Churchgate, life turns out to be a lot less complex. You will be guaranteed a superior pay package as these fall right under the immediate natural market part of work. Thus, as the demand goes high, your services and supply are low. The remuneration is basically going to remain high and even move higher. You can negotiate any remuneration with a prospective employer and they’ll do it for you.

Better pay package since the last numerous of years is guaranteed and is basically set to just increase, the managerial positions additionally will improve and the increase salary is basically guaranteed likewise.


Kickstart your career:

As you complete your Digital Marketing course at the best digital marketing institute in Churchgate, you can find a graduate program or an internship that will come at your way and so you can construct an effective portfolio and get opportunity to do extraordinary work independently at the same time. With digital marketing, you can start off a productive career calling in an extensive and best way.

Come over to start off your professional path with the very best digital marketers in the industry. With our skills, life becomes simpler and better. The best digital marketing institute in Churchgate will manage all of your requirements and promise you a compensating vocation in this domain.


Digital Marketing Course Fees in Churchgate:

The Fees for Digital Marketing Course in Churchgate can change, starting from one institute to the next. There are different institutes of digital marketing in India that offer digital marketing courses. For DMCA license, the evaluated digital marketing course cost is around 40,000 rupees. If students are pursuing a digital marketing course as a part of a scholastic program, 

charges could vary starting with one institute to the other. 

Course expenses are laid down by institutes based on the following factors:

  • Professional Training Institute Type (Private, Aided, Government, and so on)
  • The Training Institute location,
  • The Training Institutes’ standing and rating

In government universities, the Digital Marketing Course charges are low. Private colleges charge a typical Fee for Digital Marketing courses in Churchgate of INR 5,000-INR 100000 as per their standing.

The digital marketing course fees in Churchgate are overwhelmingly impacted by the area. Charges for Digital Marketing courses in Churchgate (Especially classroom preparing) are essentially higher in metropolitan areas like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Bengaluru than in other metropolitan organizations like Kolkata, Pune, Nasik, and Kochi.

To give you an idea of offline Fees for Digital Marketing Course in Churchgate, in a metropolitan city the fees can go from anywhere between INR 25,000 to INR 75,000. And close to these are the two-tier cities in India, where the fees are somewhat less; for instance, in Jaipur, Nagpur, and Nashik. A similar Fees for Digital Marketing Course on Churchgate charge will go from INR 15,000 to INR 45,000 considering everything. 

The institute’s list is very long and exhaustive even and you will have to depend on the reviews and the reputation of the institute to take advantage of the course from there.  There are various universities and schools, in any case, only some of them have great placement opportunities. There are a ton of institutes that are offering different Fees for Digital Marketing courses in Churchgate. You can procure a degree or certificate at any of these places, but the importance is the value that the certificate holds in the market. It is suggested to not go for just any course provider and learn out of trend techniques. If you are confronted with a small budget, it would be smarter to delay by two or three days and attempt to save up till you can and join a good Digital Marketing Course. 

Fees resemble an investment. An investment in obtaining knowledge and creating skills is the best investment.


At Freelancers Academy we assist you with understanding and mastering Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC), Digital Media Marketing and Social Media Marketing (SMM). Learning through our simple yet efficient and easy to-execute way of learning modules beside live projects.
Anyone who has an interest in developing a career in the field of digital marketing and is zealous towards turning out to be an essential part of the digital marketing industry. In the event that you're looking for a career change and you're focused on this ever-advancing industry, then this is the perfect place for you.
The way Digital Marketing operates can be divided into two different parts. The central part covers generally essential career oriented distinct courses which include SEO, PPC, and Social Media courses. The second part includes training in Google Analytics, which is taken up after you have a clear comprehension of the essentials of the website and digital marketing platforms.
We provide real-time, training in the classroom, which is likewise good for the fact that you can communicate directly with the teachers, comprehend and solve the issue immediately, and offer your opinion and network. Online training is a viable and reasonable choice if you can't attend classes because of challenges of transferring, schedules of work, or other personal reasons. Online training is great, whether you live in a different city or are always out of the station.
Bachelor's certificate is the expected minimum qualification. There are a few institutes that presently give full time and internship programs for the individuals who have completed their 12th study (Higher Graduation).
For a digital marketing course, you would need at least a minimum of 100 hours.
1) You can write for the Google AdWords Certification Exam (6 Module) post PPC training, which is Google approved. 2) With the Digital Marketing career training, you will show up for the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification Exam alongside the above-mentioned test. 3) With the Google Analytics training program, you can write for the online Google Certification exam which is certified by Google. 4) With the Social Media training program, you can apply for online Facebook Blueprint Certification test that is conducted.
Before applying for a training program on digital marketing, make sure that you’re passionate about this field. As an industry-recognized program: * 1-1 focus Realistic, hands-on training * Opportunity to work on live the projects with 5-10 students in a batch * Chance to solve the assignments in every session Training given for Google Certification * An opportunity to manage the campaigns independently
It will be attainable to bring in more financial advantages with Affiliate Marketing, Strategy and Plan while getting a good comprehension of the Digital Marketing Strategy, Plan, Optimization and Implementation.
It would prove difficult to build trust in the mind of a client from the very start, but yet still, there are not many clients who might hand over their website management knowing that the deal will be a cheap one. For any freelancing ventures, it will take a minimum 6 months to effectively convince the clients.
Yes, anybody can pursue digital marketing. The only requisite required is “Good Communication”.
It takes 1/2 Month for finishing the best of SEO, PPC Google AdWords and Social Media Marketing



Freelancers Academy 09082006765 4 (adv) months Yes 50,000/-(adv) Andheri/ Navi Mumbai/ Thane/ Churchgate
Laqshya 918976789830 3 months No 35,000/- Andheri/ Churchgate/ Thane
IIEDM +91 80700-80999 5 months Yes 35,000 Thane, Church Gate and Kharghar
NIIT 022-23802676, 9833211470, 9820085936 100+hours No Vashi/ Churchgate
Proideators +91 80700-80999 150 hours Yes 35,000 Thane, Churchgate and Kharghar


  • Freelances Academy
Name Freelancers Academy
WEBSITE www.freelancersacademy.com
CONTACT NO. 09082006765
FEES 50,000 INR
LOCATION Andheri , Charni Road, Navi Mumbai & Thane
BATCH Weekday & Weekend
Internship Provided


Freelancers Academy is among the top institutes of digital marketing training and one of the few centres having their own in-house digital marketing agency. Freelancers Academy is one of the premier digital marketing institutes and has continuously strived to set the standard for the Digital Marketing course in Churchgate.

Freelancers Academy’s techniques with how they educate are more engaging and interesting than any other institutes. We don’t believe in just theoretical methods of teaching but also focus on practical teaching, which is customized, and concise with a relevant curriculum. 

At Freelancers Academy we offer a comprehensive Digital Marketing Course with Certifications, our students can learn a lot from high-quality courses curated and taught by top industry professionals and expert training staff.



  • Digital Marketing course in Vashi
    602, 6th floor, Devavrata Building, Plot no. 23 Near HDFC Bank, above Babubhai Jagjivandas, Sector 17, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400703



  • Laqshya

Name Laqshya
WEBSITE laqshya.in
CONTACT NO. 91-89 767 898 30
FEES 32,400-
LOCATION Churchgate
Email [email protected]

Address – Bholas Biulding, Bholas Biulding, Bhatia Hospital, Bhatia Hospital, Sleater Road, Station West, Tukaram Jivji Marg, Tukaram Jivji Marg Lane, Grant Road, Mumbai – 400007, Near Grant Road

Laqshya institute of Digital Marketing offers excellent digital marketing course. Their Digital marketing course in Churchgate is structured very well for both students and working, who wish to acquire the knowledge, while still being able to work. Their course has been modeled for knowledge, which includes real-world practicals and live client projects for taking domain expertise. After the course completion, you will be a full-fledged digital marketer.



WEBSITE https://iiedm.com/
CONTACT NO. 7738244304
FEES 20,000/- TO 30,000/-
LOCATION Charni Road
Email [email protected]

Address: 1st Floor, 55, Ranchhod Bhuvan Bldg, Jagannath Shankar Seth Rd, near shiv krishna restaurant, Charni Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400004


IIEDM is a popular digital marketing institute. They offer skill-based, hands-on experience at their Digital marketing institute in Churchgate at an affordable price. They have trained a lot of students to be qualified, digital marketers. They provide industry-qualified Digital marketing courses in Churchgate, backed by good faculty.


  • NIIT

WEBSITE www.niit.com
CONTACT NO. 022-23802676, 9833211470, 9820085936
LOCATION Churchgate
Email [email protected]


Address – Express Building, 14th Road, Opp Churchgate Station Above Satkar Hotel
Churchgate, Mumbai – 400020 Maharashtra


NIIT is a well-known institute which provides Digital marketing courses on Churchgate. With an aim to bridge the skill gap that exists in the digital marketing industry, they offer practical training and certifications, while theoretical practice is also given. NIIT’S Digital marketing institute in Churchgate includes the training encompassing key aspects of SEO, social media marketing, PPC, web analytics and more.

  • Proideators
Name Proideators 
DURATION 150 hours
WEBSITE www.proideators.com
CONTACT NO. +91 80700-80999
FEES 35,000
LOCATION Thane, Churchgate and Kharghar
BATCH Weekdays & Weekends


Proideators have been an initiative led by a team of an experienced team of professionals in the field of Digital marketing institute in Churchgate. Proideators institute recently received its ISO certification, and students are now enrolling in its digital marketing training. The training institute has a decent, state-of-the-art facility for Digital marketing courses on Churchgate.

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