Top 11 Digital marketing institutes in Andheri

Top 11 Digital marketing institutes in Andheri

Are you from Andheri and looking for 11 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Andheri with Fees (2023)?

Well, to help you find the Best Digital Marketing Institute providers in Andheri. But before we move on to the Digital Marketing Courses, let us first look at the growing importance of Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing in today’s date is one such subject that could be learned and sought after by anybody belonging to any stream of education, and even age is definitely not an issue here. Digital Marketing has truly become an avoidable field, which is accessible to everybody. Young competitors, homemakers, and even experts from various occupation profiles are becoming a part of this huge bandwagon.  It has something for everyone. Especially, if you are a creative head, then this field is surely for you.

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Freelancers Academy 50,000/-(adv) 09082006765 4 (adv) months
IIDE 80,508+taxes 09619958615 6 months
Learning Catalyst 40,000 89761 05325 3 Months
Operating Media 26,000/- 9319977749 90 hours
Digital Vidya 58,900/- + 18%GST 08010033033 3 months
Compufield 25500/- 09820134058 2 months
EduPristine 60,000 18002005835 2-3 months
Lips India 30,000/- 8424041800 2-3 months
Digi Perform 25,000(basic)/- to 55,000/-(adv) 2-4 months
Digital marketing training institute 25,900/- 91 8433887686 8 months
Digifine 9833900330 3 months

List of Top 11 Digital Marketing Institutes in Andheri

Rank #1. Digital Marketing Institute in Andheri
Freelancers Academy


NAME Freelancers Academy
DURATION 2 Months + Internship
FEES 50,000 INR
LOCATION Andheri , Navi Mumbai, Thane and Charni Road
BATCH Weekday & Weekend
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Rank #2. Digital Marketing Institute in Andheri


DURATION 6 months
FEES 80,508+ taxes
LOCATION Navi Mumbai & Mumbai
BATCH Weekday & Weekend
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Rank #3. Digital Marketing Institute in Andheri
Learning Catalyst


NAME Learning Catalyst
DURATION 3 months
FEES 40,000/-
BATCH Weekday & Weekend
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Rank #4. Digital Marketing Institute in Andheri
Operating Media


NAME Operating Media
DURATION 90 hours
FEES 26,000/-
LOCATION Andheri, Borivali & Thane
BATCH Weekday Batch
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Rank #5. Digital Marketing Institute in Andheri
Digital Vidya


NAME Digital Vidya
DURATION 3 months
FEES 58,900/-+18% GST
BATCH Weekday & Weekend
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Rank #6. Digital Marketing Institute in Andheri

NAME Compufied
DURATION 60 hours (2 months)
FEES 25,500 INR
LOCATION Bandra west, Andheri west, Thane west
BATCH Weekdays and Weekends
INTERNSHIP Not provided
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Rank #7. Digital Marketing Institute in Andheri
EduPristine digital marketing course

NAME EduPristine digital marketing course
FEES 60,000 INR
BATCH Weekdays and Weekends
INTERNSHIP Not provided
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Rank #8. Digital Marketing Institute in Andheri
Lipsindia (Lavenir)

NAME Lipsindia
DURATION 2 or 3 months
FEES 30,000 INR
LOCATION Borivali, Andheri, Thane
BATCH Weekdays and Weekends
INTERNSHIP Not provided
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Rank #9. Digital Marketing Institute in Andheri
Digi Perform

NAME Digi Perform
DURATION 2 or 4 months
FEES 25,000 INR for basic and 55,000 INR for adv
LOCATION Andheri west
BATCH Weekdays and Weekends
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Rank #10. Digital Marketing Institute in Andheri
Digital marketing training institutes

NAME Digital marketing training institutes
DURATION 3 months
FEES 25,900 INR
LOCATION Andheri west
BATCH Weekdays and Weekends
INTERNSHIP Not provided
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Rank #11 Best Digital Marketing Course in  Andheri

Name Digifine
DURATION 8 months
CONTACT NO. +91 8433887686
FEES Not Mentioned
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Digital Marketing Course Fee

There is a saying, for accomplishing something initially; you need to pay for it first. Nothing is free in the present life, however spending on something which is entirely gainful in a vocation later on, then why not?

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Digital Marketing Jobs

At this point you’ve presumably heard the hype – Digital Marketing abilities are in genuine interest and the advanced aptitude gap is set to broaden. Greater spending plans, expanded compensation and more vocation decision are only a portion of the advantages Digital Marketing experts can anticipate this year and past.

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Digital marketing jobs in Andheri

Andheri, located in the western suburbs of Mumbai, is a prime location for digital marketing jobs. With the increasing demand for digital marketing, there are numerous opportunities opening up in Andheri. The job roles range from content creation, social media, SEO, PPC, email marketing to analytics, and more. In Andheri, you can find jobs in agency and corporate setups. The requirements typically include a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communication, or related fields, along with some certifications in digital marketing. If you have experience in digital marketing, you can quickly get a job in Andheri. However, if you are a fresher, you can start as an intern or a trainee to gain experience and acquire skills needed to succeed in this field.

Work with the top 5 digital marketing agencies

Rank Name Contact No E-mail id
1 Anuvaa 9819607019 [email protected]
2 Digimidas 9326524979 [email protected]
3 The Green Digital 9867498306 [email protected]
4 Yelkotech 9820496495 [email protected]
5 The minimalist 9892121207 [email protected]
6 Digital Soch 022-40030857 [email protected]
7 PromoDom 91 88281 02191 [email protected]
8 Kerkar Media +91-9372848796 [email protected]
9 Logicloop   09137741123
10 Koffeetech +91 85308 34777

List of top 10 digital marketing agencies in Andheri

Rank #1. Digital Marketing Agency in Andheri


The agency is located in Andheri as a top Digital Marketing agency providing a full-service digital marketing agency that has been excelling in the digital space. We ascertain each element of your marketing campaign, we have a professional team to handle every campaign. We ken how to distribute exceptional and quantifiable results to our clients.



Rank #2. Digital Marketing Agency in Andheri


We are full service digital marketing agency, our work speaks for itself. We deliver a personal, passionate & tailored Digital Marketing service to each and every one of our clients, whether it is big or small, based in India or abroad. Digimidas prides itself on its customer-centric philosophy and our reputation for listening and reacting to what our customers, future customers, and business partners have to say.


Rank #3. Digital Marketing Agency in Andheri

The Green Digital

The Green Digital is a full-service Interactive media agency (Social Media, Digital Marketing, and Branding), a tight-knit team of creators, doers, organizers and overall talented souls. This agency is located in Andheri. We call ourselves the best digital marketing company in andheri providing services like Social Media Marketing, SEO, Branding, Website Development, and Content Marketing.


Rank #4. Digital Marketing Agency in Andheri


Digital Marketing Agency and Social Media Agency play the most crucial role when it comes to building up a distinct business. We help marketers enhance their brand image, influence buyers, and generate revenue through a complete suite of performance and advertising solutions. We offer sector-specific solutions across all verticals to meet all your digital marketing needs. With efficient internal processes & subject expertise in digital, we forge as your extended marketing partner. Our agency is basically located in andheri, we claim as the best digital marketing agency in Andheri.


Rank #5. Digital Marketing Agency in Andheri

The Minimalist

As a Best Digital Marketing Agency in andheri, the minimalist is a melting pot of vibrant ideas blasting off together to produce superb customer experiences. A boutique digital marketing company focused on performance led to creative campaigns. With a varied list of services, the minimalist develops, implements, and manages marketing campaigns that promote the products and services of a company to boost its online business.


Rank #6. Digital Marketing Agency in Andheri


Digital Soch offers top-notch digital marketing services that are aimed at helping businesses expand their customer base through targeted and cost-effective campaigns. The agency has a proven track record with a long list of satisfied clients, attesting to its ability to deliver the right experiences for customers. Digital Soch provides a comprehensive range of services designed to cater to every aspect of a business’s online presence.


Rank #7. Digital Marketing Agency in Andheri


The digital marketing agency prioritizes the success of their clients by providing a strategy-driven approach to grow their business online. The team stays updated with the latest market trends and recommends unique approaches customized to the client’s needs. With their focus on delivering quality results, the agency is dedicated to helping brands succeed in their digital journey.


Rank #8. Digital Marketing Agency in Andheri

Kerkar Media

A highly trained team of digital marketing experts at this agency is committed to delivering customized solutions for each business they work with. They begin by conducting an in-depth analysis of the client’s business, competitors, target market, and marketing goals. Based on the insights gathered, they create a custom digital marketing plan for the business owner. The agency ensures that the plan is tailored to the business’s specific needs to achieve optimal online growth.


Rank #9. Digital Marketing Agency in Andheri


Logicloop is a digital marketing agency that offers an integrated approach to help businesses grow exponentially. They offer a range of ROI-driven services such as website and application development, social media marketing, SEO, Google Ads, and more. The team at Logicloop has a proven track record of helping numerous brands take their businesses online and reach a wider target audience.


Rank #10. Digital Marketing Agency in Andheri


At Koffee Tech the team believes in understanding the core of the clients business to deliver tailored digital marketing solutions. They offer a comprehensive range of services. They recognize that each client has unique needs and strive to develop a customized digital strategy that meets their specific goals.



Digital Marketing has now become the popular stream in India where every business is stepping into the new strategy to build a high competitive strength. To increase the customers as well as to make the business a supreme one, digital marketing course in andheri is the leading way to foster the business. Today’s life is very busy and due to this pandemic, the only work which is running is the one running on digital platforms. Digital marketing gives out an equal and fair chance to all kinds and types of businesses.

• Digital marketing does not settle with the old styles because it is now a mobile-ready platform wherein anywhere you can use, this makes everything Convenient.
• Better Engagement with customers.
• Ability to reach the audience irrespective of any global restriction and gain a place in the global market.
• Ability to interact with prospective customers and understanding exactly what products or services they are looking for them.
• Track responses of marketing efforts immediately and Increase Trust in brands.
A good digital marketer works seamlessly with the rest of the marketing team and ensures all online activity complements offline efforts. Digital marketing job fields are highly result-driven and enhances your knowledge and creativity skills. There are many digital marketing job roles in andheri but some of are:

• Search engine optimization specialist
• Social media marketing expert
• Digital marketing executive
• Digital marketing manager
• Digital marketing copywriter
• Conversion Rate optimizer
The salary depends on a lot of factors like the location of employment, the qualification of the candidate, the industry they are associated with, and also the kind of Digital Marketing Certification they have. All these factors impact the figures significantly. A digital marketer’s annual salary ranges from INR 2,50,000 to INR 5,00,000 for a fresher (1-2 years). A Digital Marketing Manager with 5 years of experience should expect to earn between 8L and 15L per year.
With an ever-increasing scope of digital marketing, the demand for digital marketing professionals is also increasing rapidly. The demand for best digital marketing courses in andheri will be more. ‘Digital marketing specialist’ is among the top 10 most in-demand jobs, with SEO being one of the most desired skills. The availability of electronic devices and the internet have contributed to this phenomenon. Whether it’s a homeowner looking for a handyman or a student researching material for a paper, online resources have become necessary. This dominance is what has made digital marketing so relevant. Digital marketing has made that possible in very many ways. The importance of digital marketing has opened numerous doors for individuals to pursue careers in the field. The demand of digital marketing in India is growing exponentially.
We live in a time where people use the Internet for everything. Whether it is paying bills online, buying groceries for the week, shopping for a gift, planning a vacation, or just about anything else, people are logging into their laptops, Smartphone’s, tablets, and home computers to conduct their business online. If you are passionate about the latest technologies and love to experiment with the latest trends and business, then digital marketing is a great career for you. If job satisfaction is the priority digital marketing is the best choice. This field has enough scope to express your creativity and innovative ideas. Digital marketing course in andheri is a mixture of everything.
Indeed, digital marketing is in-demand, as digital marketing is a zesty and developing area. In the event that you check for the quantity of electronic equipment approaching the e-media being purchased is expanding consistently, these are for the most part the likely clients to one brand or another. Digital and social media have become a piece of our everyday life today. It will develop as days cruise by. That is where individuals are investing energy so every organization must be where their clients are, to contact the perfect crowd at the ideal time. Digital marketing simplifies it. When you are checking out the advantages of the digital marketing course in Andheri, despite the fact that the interest in the field has gone up massively, the competition in this field has likewise detonated more than at any other time. With the pandemic compelling individuals to remain at home, purchaser conduct has changed emphatically throughout recent months. Brands have answered by moving concentration and spending onto advanced channels, which greatly affects the job market. There has been an immense expansion popular for marketers with social skills, with paid social media rising in demand.
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  1. dhruv rathi
    dhruv rathi says:

    I was a student of Freelancers academy for the digital marketing course in Andheri. The faculty has explained everything in detail and has provided us with hands-on experience for different digital marketing tool at affordable price. The placement assistance was also provided immediately after the course completion.

  2. Mudra Gupta
    Mudra Gupta says:

    Very good faculty with good excellent knowledge about digital marketing courses in Andheri. The teaching staff and management are very friendly and cool. They will help you in each and every stage of learning and support you in placement for the job.

  3. Vatsal Shah
    Vatsal Shah says:

    Freelancers Academy is one of the best academies for Digital Marketing courses in Andheri. The trainer here is very experienced and helps us all the way through. I would recommend you all to join Freelancers Academy if you seriously want to learn digital marketing in-depth and hands-on practical assignments and projects.

  4. Yash Mitra
    Yash Mitra says:

    Best digital marketing courses in Andheri. They focus on Practical training more than theory. The trainers are professional and knowledgeable. I recommend it to people who are really looking for a good digital marketing course in Andheri.

  5. ajay
    ajay says:

    Best academy to look out for digital marketing courses in Andheri. They have helped me to get the skills that I needed to be a digital marketer. The trainers are very experienced and have immense knowledge of the training program. They teach you 100% practical and hands-on practical training.

  6. Reva khatri
    Reva khatri says:

    Freelancer’s academy actually focuses on quality education. Excellent Interactive sessions by the faculty, learn and understand digital marketing in the simplest manner.

  7. Jhanvi jain
    Jhanvi jain says:

    One of the best places to kick starts your Digital Marketing Career. Wonderful support. Every day I am here I gain something new. Enthusiastic faculties and are always ready to help you. Best institute for Digital Marketing courses in Andheri.

  8. Drashti Parekh
    Drashti Parekh says:

    One of the best places to learn digital marketing. Interactive learning with live projects. Rohan sir taught us well and helped me to get placed.

  9. Tanay kapadia
    Tanay kapadia says:

    One of the best Digital Marketing institutes in Andheri. I have done my digital marketing course and WordPress website designing course from Freelancers Academy. The trainers are highly experienced and knowledgeable. If you are looking for the best digital marketing institute in Andheri, I would really recommend Freelancers Academy.

  10. nisha
    nisha says:

    I am a final year student of BMM from Pillai College, I wanted to learn Digital marketing with an industry-ready approach, I came across many institutes, however after visiting Freelancers academy I decided to enroll myself here coz of their industry-ready approach, teaching method and the practical approach, I especially like the interactive session with each faculty member.

  11. rushan khan
    rushan khan says:

    Hands down, the best institute for digital marketing courses in Andheri. This place is where you enjoy learning. The faculty is really friendly and you won’t ever get bored if you’re really into this subject. I’ve had one of my best experiences here!

  12. riddhi thakkar
    riddhi thakkar says:

    Learning digital marketing course in Andheri from Freelancers Academy was the best decision I made for my career. I had an awesome time learning and being a component of their institution. I met my mentor and some incredible individuals here. I would undoubtedly recommend Freelancers Academy to any aspiring digital marketer.

  13. Tina bhatia
    Tina bhatia says:

    A very good institute to start learning about Digital Marketing courses in Andheri. I being an entrepreneur always wanted to learn the digital way of marketing and I know for sure that my choice for this institute has been the best.

  14. hiya sharma
    hiya sharma says:

    It was really great learning from the freelancer’s academy and the internship that is included with the program gives you the experience to apply your skills in the digital setup. This helped me start and create my career in digital marketing.

  15. Krishna dhavan
    Krishna dhavan says:

    One of the best Digital marketing institutes in Andheri where you can excel in your skills and definitely become a digital marketing expert. The institute deals in digital marketing as well as social media marketing. After completion of the course, you won’t regret anything.

  16. Payal
    Payal says:

    This place is a very good platform for digital marketing courses in andheri where it helps in better and effective understanding of the course to the students. It provides placement assistance and the faculty here is great too, I would recommend this place 100%

  17. Heta Shah
    Heta Shah says:

    If you are looking to find the best digital marketing institute in andheri, Freelancers Academy is the one. The training has given me a lot of exposure to digital marketing in a real-time environment. I am happy to be a part of this institute.

  18. Hetvi
    Hetvi says:

    It was a great experience in Freelancers Academy and I would suggest if you are looking for a digital marketing institute in andheri to learn a digital marketing course with practical experience then this is the right place. Keep up the great work Freelancers Academy

  19. Dimple
    Dimple says:

    Freelancers Academy is one of the best digital marketing institutes in andheri. The training was very interesting and all topics are covered clearly and practically. I definitely suggest you join Freelancers academy for your digital marketing career.

  20. Meghna
    Meghna says:

    Being a student of Freelancers Academy I could proudly say that it’s the best Digital Marketing Institute in andheri. They provide a better environment to their student and helps in growing experience.

  21. naif shaikh
    naif shaikh says:

    I have learned digital marketing from here. All I can say is that it is the best digital marketing institute in andheri.

  22. namish
    namish says:

    Freelancers Academy is the best digital marketing institute in andheri. I am very glad that I did a digital marketing course from this organization. Here’s the atmosphere and the supporting system are very good. I recommend it to everyone. Join them and kickstart your career.

  23. Riva
    Riva says:

    Freelancers Academy is the best Digital Marketing Institute in andheri. I am grateful that I joined for Digital Marketing Course in andheri. The whole team is very supportive. Thanks a lot, Freelancers Academy

  24. Soniya
    Soniya says:

    Freelancers Academy is the best academy I have ever experienced they are very supportive and I am very glad to attend a digital marketing class at Freelancers Academy.

  25. Priyanka
    Priyanka says:

    One of the best institutes to learn Digital Marketing. They have an expert team of Digital Marketing Professionals to cover different topics. Highly recommended Digital Marketing Institute in andheri.

  26. Yasha Chandra
    Yasha Chandra says:

    This is undoubtedly the best digital marketing institute in andheri. Extremely supportive trainer. Providing the best possible services. Had an amazing experience here. Highly recommended.

  27. Yash jain
    Yash jain says:

    Having a great experience here, the trainers are very supportive and understand the problem of Trainees. Best Digital Marketing Institute in andheri, I always suggest going there.

  28. Dwiti pandya
    Dwiti pandya says:

    They are the best digital marketing institute in andheri right now if we talk about professionalism, skills, creativity, trust factor, and honesty.

  29. leena
    leena says:

    I personally recommend everyone to join Freelancers Academy and learn Digital Marketing course in andheri as this was a life-changing decision of mine. These guys teach you and train you in a professional way. There are many institutes in andheri that will teach you Digital Marketing but Freelancers Academy is something different and unique. If you want to earn good money or start your own business, Freelancers Academy is the right place I personally recommend.

  30. Simran
    Simran says:

    Freelancers Academy is best for the industrial training for digital marketing courses in andheri and ui ux too learned a lot of new things. The best environment, best staff, and best training center.

  31. Aashna hegde
    Aashna hegde says:

    Freelancers Academy helped me in boosting my skills and trained me in digital marketing. They have experienced experts for teaching. I’m happy to be a part of the digital marketing institute in andheri. Thank you, Freelancers Academy.

  32. Akruti
    Akruti says:

    I had a great experience with Freelancers Academy. It shows me an excellent path for my career. Very skillful expertise for teaching and clearing the concepts.

  33. Mrunal panchal
    Mrunal panchal says:

    One of the best digital marketing institutes in andheri that I am enrolled in! Trust me learning here becomes interesting. The team is really helpful and friendly here. Your entire concept will be cleared plus I will personally recommend other to at-least take a demo class for your own satisfaction and then I am sure all your doubts will be cleared. The internship is also available from the institute.

  34. Agasthya shah
    Agasthya shah says:

    They are all in one place to get outstanding internet marketing skills. An awesome place to get real-life skills that you’ll cherish forever. Undoubtedly, the leading digital marketing institute in andheri to boost your digital skills and get ahead in life. I’m very grateful that I chose Freelancers Academy.

  35. dev
    dev says:

    Very professional and experienced faculty. Love to learn different aspects of Digital Marketing. One thing I really like is the flexibility of lectures.

  36. Alina
    Alina says:

    This is a good digital marketing course in thane touching base of all concepts and aspects of digital Marketing with clarity. The online course really helped to add value in the lock-down times. A good course for professionals, students, and people engaged in their own business. I would proudly say this is the best digital marketing Course in andheri.

  37. tarini
    tarini says:

    Great experience..! Very helpful to be able to study online and manage around work. The support team has been helpful and supportive.

  38. Riya shah
    Riya shah says:

    I highly recommend Freelancers academy to everyone. It’s one of the best Digital marketing institutes in Andheri. I have done my course from them, now I am doing really well in my career. They have helped me to get a Good job too.

  39. Juhi
    Juhi says:

    Freelancers Academy provides you with the best course in Digital Marketing and they cover all areas with details. The online classes are very interactive and the trainers are market influencers so the sessions are really insightful. If you are looking for a Digital Marketing online or offline course then you should definitely choose Freelancers Academy.

  40. Manasis chabbra
    Manasis chabbra says:

    Freelancers Academy institute is a really good option for people who want to go Digital Marketing as they have the latest updated knowledge of the arena. The teachers are helpful and the concepts are taught at length. Also, more focus is given to practical knowledge.

  41. Jayden
    Jayden says:

    Best place to learn Digital Marketing in andheri. Without any doubt you can go ahead here you can learn minor tips with great examples. In the future u will always remember those points. Thank you for your Guidance and Thank you for being there

  42. Aman
    Aman says:

    Providing one of the Best Digital Marketing courses in andheri. I had a great time doing this course. I look forward to doing more courses with you guys in the future and have been recommending them to everyone I know. Thank you for all your assistance.

  43. Siddhart
    Siddhart says:

    It is the best Digital Marketing Institute in andheri. I am satisfied with the course and feel that I have learned some good techniques in Digital Marketing which will be helpful for my career.

  44. Rutvik
    Rutvik says:

    Just completed my Digital marketing certification course from Freelancers Academy. I like the way faculties explained the topics stressing more on the practical aspect. Also, they are very supportive in case of any doubts. Keep up the good work.

  45. Alea
    Alea says:

    If you are looking for digital marketing Institute then Freelancers Academy is the Best Institute for digital marketing course in andheri which covers all modules practically. Highly recommended. Best part is 100% practical, placement assistance and internship.

  46. yashita
    yashita says:

    Very experienced staff. Learned a lot of new skills. One will become expertise in digital marketing after joining this institute. Satisfied! Must say best digital marketing institute in andheri.

  47. Chetna
    Chetna says:

    If anyone looking for best institute for Digital Marketing coaching, Freelancers Academy is best for quality and practical experience for each course.

  48. Anirudh sharma
    Anirudh sharma says:

    You really want to learn Digital Marketing this is the best digital marketing institute in andheri for you. Teachers are good with appropriate knowledge. You will really like this institute. Eco friendly atmosphere.


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