Top 18 Digital marketing institutes in Mumbai

Top 18 Digital marketing institutes in Mumbai

With so many options available for Digital marketing courses in Mumbai (2024), it can be overwhelming to pick one. The challenge lies in choosing a top-rated, reliable institution from the long ‘Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai’ list. This comprehensive blog post offers clarity and guidance towards making an informed decision, ensuring every moment spent reading this yields more than a fair return of investment.
Digital Marketing courses in Mumbai is the most preferred marketing channel today, and is experiencing a surge in demand. Therefore, the number of institutions imparting Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai has increased drastically. Businesses are turning to the digital space for brand exposure and marketing their products. Given the rapid evolution of technologies and techniques, there’s a concurrent rise in demand for skilled digital marketers.

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Digital Marketing Course fees in Mumbai

If we were to look at an average, digital marketing course fee in Mumbai come around roughly to 25,000 Rs to 1 Lakh Rs. Well, digital marketing is an ever-growing field and its fees can vary from place to place depending on the type of course, the duration, and the syllabus the particular institute has. This course mostly goes for a time duration of 2 to 6 months in total.

For your ease, we have gathered a list of the digital marketing course fees in Mumbai. The institute mentioned below also avail installment facilities and also provides short discounts for targeted customers.

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Institute Fees Contact No. Duration Website
Freelancers Academy 75,000/-(adv) 09082006765 4 (adv) months
Digital Scholar ₹ 45,000 (Inclusive of GST) +91-9513632705 4 (adv) months
IIM SKILLS 34,900 + taxes 9911839503  2-3 months
IIDE 86,100+taxes 09619958615 4 Months 
Lips India 30,000/- 8424041800 2-3 months
SP Jain 5,00,000/- 18002121827 6 months
Compufield 25500/- 09820134058 2 months
Digital 360 45,000 9096893171 3-4 months
Edupristine  60,000/- 18002005835 2-3 months>
Optron Academy 36,000(basic)/- to 75,000/-(adv) 09833189090 3-6 months
School of Digital Marketing 35,000/- 09892734331 2-3 months
Digi Perform 25,000/-(basic) to 55,000/-(adv) 2-4 months
DMTI 26,500/- 09930925822 3 months
IIM Skills 29,900/- 9911839503 3 months
Operating Media 28,000/- 9326474007 90 hours
North Storm Academy 37,500/- 9076631638 6 months
ADMC 1,00,000/- 7738244304 3-12 Month
Brand Salon 35,000-50,000/- 9911839503 3-6 Month
Eduvogue 29,000/- Depends on Modules
Digital Vidya 50,000/- +91-80100-33033 7 Months
Digital Trainee 20,000/- +91-9975829071 3 months
Digital Bizware 10,000/- +depending on the course + 91 88281 54879 2 months or more
DGMARK Institute 30,000 +91 9321990570 3 months
Optron Academy 45,000/- +depending on the course +91 9833189090 3 months



Rank #1 Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai

Freelancers Academy :


NAME Freelancers Academy
CONTACT NO. 09082006765
FEES 75,000 INR
LOCATION Andheri, Vashi, Thane, Pune and Charni Road
BATCH Weekday &Weekend
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Rank #2 Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai

Digital Scholar :

NAME Digital Scholar
CONTACT NO. +91-9513632705
FEES ₹ 45,000 (Inclusive of GST)
BATCH Sat & Sun
Course Modules 13+ Modules
Course Certificates 20+ Certificates
Training Mode Online Class
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Rank #3 Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai


Best digital marketing course Institute in mumbai

DURATION 2-3 Months
CONTACT NO. 9911839503
FEES 34,900 INR + taxes
BATCH Weekdays & Weekends
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Rank #4 Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai


Best Digital Marketing Institutes in Mumbai

CONTACT NO. 09619958615
FEES 86,100 + Taxes
LOCATION Andheri, Churchgate, Mulund
BATCH Weekdays & Weekends
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Rank #5 Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai

SP Jain

Digital Marketing institutes in Mumbai


NAME Sp jain
DURATION 6 months
CONTACT NO. 18002121827
FEES 5 lacs INR
BATCH Weekday Batch
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Rank #6 Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai


Digital Marketing classes in Mumbai- Freelancers Academy

NAME Compufield
DURATION 60 hours  ( 2 months)
CONTACT NO. 09820134058
FEES 25500 INR
LOCATION Bandra west, Andheri west,Thane west
BATCH Weekday &  Weekend
INTERNSHIP Not provided
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Rank #7 Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai

Digital 360

digital marketing classes in Mumbai

NAME Digital 360
DURATION Dronacharya course Weekday 3 months Weekend  4 months
CONTACT NO. 9096893171
FEES Dronaharya  course 45k INR &  Arjuna course 2ok INR
BATCH Weekday and Weekend
INTERNSHIP Not provided
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Rank #8 Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai

EduPristine digital marketing course:


NAME Edupristine
CONTACT NO. 18002005835
LOCATION andheri
BATCH weekday and weekend
INTERNSHIP not provided
EMI FACILITY available
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Rank #9 Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai

Optron Academy


DURATION 3 Months Basic course and  6 months Adv course
CONTACT NO. 09833189090
FEES 36k  INR(basic) and 75K INR (adv)
BATCH Weekend & Weekday
INTERNSHIP Not provided
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Rank #10 Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai

LIPSINDIA (Lavenir) digital marketing course:


CONTACT NO. 8424041800
LOCATION Borivali, Andheri & Thane
BATCH Weekend & Weekday
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Rank #11 Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai

School of Digital Marketing


NAME School of digital marketing
CONTACT NO. 09892734331
LOCATION Mulund & Chembur
BATCH Weekday & Weekend
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Rank #12 Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai

Digi Perform


NAME Digi Perform
DURATION 2 months for basic course & 4 months for advanced
CONTACT NO. Available
FEES 25k INR  basic course and 55k INR for advanced  
LOCATION Andheri west
BATCH Weekday and Weekend batch
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Rank #13 Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai



DURATION 2.5  months for weekday and 3 months for weekend    
CONTACT NO. 09930925822
LOCATION Andheri & Dadar
BATCH Weekday and Weekend
INTERNSHIP Not provided
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Rank #14 Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai

IIM Skills

DURATION 3 months
CONTACT NO 9911839503
FEES 29,900
LOCATION Mumbai, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Pune, Chandigarh, Hyderabad
BATCH Weekday &  Weekend


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Rank #15 Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai

North Storm Academy

NAME North Storm Academy
DURATION 1-3 month
CONTACT NO 9076631638
FEES 6,000/- to 37,000/-
LOCATION Andhheri, Parel, Santacruz and BKC
BATCH Weekend


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Rank #16 Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai


DURATION 3-12 months
CONTACT NO 9082006765
FEES Upto 1,00,000/-
LOCATION Andheri and Dadar
BATCH Weekday &Weekend
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Rank #17 Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai

The Brand Saloon

NAME The Brand Saloon Vashi
DURATION 3-6 month
CONTACT NO 7738244304
FEES 35,000-50,000 INR
LOCATION Mumbai and Navi Mumbai
BATCH Weekday & Weekend
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Rank #18 Best Digital Marketing Course in  Mumbai

Eduvogue Mumbai

Name Eduvogue
DURATION Depends on
FEES 29,000/-
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Rank #19 Best Digital Marketing Course in  Mumbai
Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya is a leading digital marketing institute that provides online courses and workshops to students, professionals, and entrepreneurs who are interested in learning and excelling in the field of digital marketing. With a team of expert trainers and industry professionals, Digital Vidya offers comprehensive and up-to-date courses that cover a wide range of topics in digital marketing, including SEO, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, and more. The institute’s courses are designed to provide students with practical knowledge and skills that they can apply to real-world digital marketing scenarios.

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Rank #20 Best Digital Marketing Course in  Mumbai
Digital Trainee

Digital Trainee is a leading Digital Marketing Institute that offers comprehensive courses to equip individuals with the skills necessary to thrive in the digital world. With a focus on practical knowledge and industry-relevant curriculum, Digital Trainee’s courses are designed to help students gain hands-on experience in digital marketing practices and prepare them for a career in the field. One of their standout courses is the Digital Marketing course, which has been created by industry experts with over 10 years of experience in various digital marketing projects.

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Rank #21 Best Digital Marketing Course in  Mumbai
Digital Bizware

Digital Bizware is a premier digital marketing institute based in Mumbai, dedicated to providing top-notch training to individuals who are looking to advance their digital marketing careers. The institute is renowned for its comprehensive training programs that cover over 35 modules and 200 topics, including search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, e-commerce, inbound marketing, and online reputation management. The courses offered at Digital Bizware are designed by industry experts who have over a decade of experience working on various digital marketing projects. Their syllabus is regularly updated to keep up with the latest industry trends and technological advancements.

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Rank #22 Best Digital Marketing Course in  Mumbai
DGMARK Institute

Introducing DG Mark Institute, a leader in innovative technology within the digital marketing industry. With over ten years of exceptional service, they have become a trusted name in Mumbai. Their journey began with the renowned Dgmark Agency, now the city’s most trusted digital marketing agency. Serving thousands of satisfied customers, they are now launching the prestigious Dgmark Institute. Known as one of Mumbai’s top digital marketing training institutes, they are dedicated to maximizing students’ potential through modern techniques and quality teaching. Join their transformative programs to gain valuable skills and confidence in the digital realm. The Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai is a trusted destination for those seeking a career in digital marketing.

Rank #23 Best Digital Marketing Course in  Mumbai
Optron Academy

Optron Academy, a rapidly growing division of Techsofya Digital Pvt. Ltd., is an esteemed institution that provides comprehensive training programs. With a specialization in Digital Marketing courses and a wide range of subjects including SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, WordPress Blogging, Email Marketing, and Social Media training, Optron Academy caters to the diverse needs of students, working professionals, and business owners.
In addition to offering job-oriented courses, Optron Academy also conducts short-term programs and workshops tailored for individuals at different stages of their career, including business owners, job seekers, working professionals, and freshers.


Top 5 Digital Marketing Colleges in Mumbai 2024


For anyone looking to get into digital marketing colleges in mumbai, learning the right skills and getting hands-on experience is crucial. Luckily, there are many digital marketing colleges in Mumbai that provide exactly what you need. These colleges are at the top of their game, teaching the newest stuff in digital marketing, led by experts who know what they’re talking about. Plus, they hook you up with real projects and internships so you can get your hands dirty with actual work. 

When you’re done studying at one of the digital marketing colleges in Mumbai, you’ll be all set to handle SEO, writing great content, figuring out social media, and diving into data to see what works and what doesn’t. They make sure you understand the theory, but they also push you to learn by doing, which is super important in this fast-moving field.

If you’re eager to start a career in digital marketing and want to study in Mumbai, here are some of the standout digital marketing colleges in Mumbai you might consider:

  1. SP Jain School of Global Management: Renowned for its global perspective, SP Jain has ventured into digital marketing education, offering specialized programs tailored to equip students with global marketing strategies and digital trends.  
  2. Thakur College of Science & Commerce: With a strong academic legacy, Thakur College has expanded its offerings to include a B.Com in Digital Business, focusing on imparting cutting-edge digital marketing strategies.
  3. Nagindas Khandwala College: Offering a diverse range of programs, Nagindas Khandwala College has introduced a B.Com in Digital Business aimed at equipping commerce students with specialized digital marketing knowledge.
  4. KES Shroff College: Affiliated with Mumbai University, KES Shroff College offers a leading-edge B.Com in Digital Business, designed to prepare students for the digital challenges of the online business world.
  5. KPB Hinduja College: Keeping pace with the evolving digital marketing industry, KPB Hinduja College offers a BBA in Digital Business, focusing on modern digital trends and technologies.

Students seeking careers in digital marketing will find that these digital marketing colleges in Mumbai offer unrivaled education and training. Each of these digital marketing colleges in mumbai is uniquely equipped to prepare students for the dynamic digital marketing industry, ensuring they are ready to meet its challenges head-on.


5 Best Online Digital Marketing Courses In Mumbai

5 Best Online Digital Marketing Institutes In Mumbai :

Rank #1 Online Digital Marketing Institute In Mumbai

Freelancers Academy

The Freelancers Academy has earned itself a reputation for becoming one of the biggest digital marketing institutes in Mumbai with a history of teaching more than 20000 students. The reason for its success is because the institute has an in-house Digital Marketing Agency where students gain hands-on professional experience in the field. Fortunately, people who are far away and cannot come to the institute can take the advantage of their online lectures as well. The online lectures will be covering the same curriculum and will have the same projects that have been provided to the offline batch. The course will cover everything from SEO, PPC, Digital Display Advertising to Website development, Online Reputation Management & Analytics.

Fee- ₹50,000
Duration of course- 3-4 months
Contacts- 9082006765


Rank #2 Online Digital Marketing Institute In Mumbai


The Indian Institute Of Digital Education is one of the best digital marketing training institutes in Mumbai. The belief in the modern method of training students rather than having the same old textbook routine. The students master the topics and then have the opportunity to present what they have learnt as assignments. The online process for the same has the same technique but the plus point here is that it is very flexible. The course helps students gain insights and help their students form themselves into competent working professionals of the near future.

Fee- ₹79,999
Duration of course- 3 months
Contact- 9619958615


Rank #3 Online Digital Marketing Institute In Mumbai

Digital Scholar

Digital Scholar is another one of the best online digital marketing institutes in Mumbai and is located in Chennai. Offering an intensive online digital marketing curriculum that follows an agency style approach, the institution has created a huge name for itself. They believe in having a practical approach and focus on overall growth in digital marketing. The course also assists you to enter into big digital marketing agencies after completing the course.

Fee- ₹39,500
Duration of course- 3 months
Contact- 9169231231


Rank #4 Online Digital Marketing Institute In Mumbai

L.I.P.S India

L.I.P.S India is another online digital marketing course in Mumbai that is well known for its training tactics. Having a well-experienced team from IIT, IIM and Industry experts, LIPS believes in making an advanced curriculum that has the knowledge needed for the latest developments along with the aspects of the traditional knowledge. This Mumbai based institute also offers great study courses that are beneficial for both individuals and the industry. Contents from Web introduction, Google AdWords, Mobile Marketing, SEO on-page, SEO off-page, to Content Creation, Conversion Rate Optimization are covered here.

Fee- ₹30,000
Duration of course- 3 months
Contact- 8424041800


Rank #5 Online Digital Marketing Institute In Mumbai

Operating Media

Operating Media is another digital marketing institute in Mumbai that provides an online teaching experience to students willing to learn the course. The online course provides an overview of different aspects of business and marketing objectives. The main objective of the course is how to apply the latest technology and techniques most effectively. The course also assisted the learners in executing a successful digital marketing campaign.

Fee- ₹35,000
Duration of course- 3 months
Contact – 9326474001/ 7700022882


Digital marketing courses after 12th Standard in Mumbai

Enrolling in digital marketing courses after the 12th standard in Mumbai offers students a substantial advantage in navigating the increasingly digital-focused business world. Mumbai, being one of the country’s leading commercial and educational hubs, provides a broad spectrum of courses tailored to meet the demands of the modern digital marketing landscape. These courses cover essential areas such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, and digital analytics, among others. By pursuing a digital marketing course in Mumbai, students gain access to experienced instructors and a curriculum that is both comprehensive and up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the digital space. This ensures that students not only learn the fundamental concepts of digital marketing but also acquire hands-on experience through project-based learning and internships provided by many institutions in the city.

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Here are the list of the Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai:

RANK# Name Contact Number Email Address
1 Schbang 022 6184 8517 [email protected]
2 Kinnect +91 22 4973 0206 [email protected]
3 White River Media +91 77382 18900(Mumbai)
+91 9769 5812 94(Delhi)
[email protected]
4 Webchutney [email protected]
5 Pinstorm +91 22 2648 8853 [email protected]
6 WATconsult 022–67099200 [email protected]
7 Gozoop [email protected]
8 Mirium India 022-49662000 [email protected]
9 Blink Digital +91-22-26553821 [email protected]
10 Adsyndicate +91 77770 32346 [email protected]
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There are digital marketing courses in Mumbai that claim we provide 100% guaranteed placement to all our students. But this is a big lie. the most that any training center can do is send you for an interview. any training center claiming more than that is a big scam. This is a technique that training centers use to get maximum enrollments.



When you decide to do digital marketing courses in Mumbai. you have two options whether to do an online digital marketing course or an offline digital marketing course. if you are a new entrant in digital marketing we would recommend doing a faculty-based digital marketing course in Mumbai because that will ensure that you give your undivided attention when you do the course.

Students will benefit from a consistent learning experience with this online certification course. It includes the essential facts you need to know about digital marketing and digital marketing certifications in order to make an informed decision about your education. You will be able to assess the efficacy of content and advertisements in the market, learning from the best digital marketing course in Mumbai. The course may also train on many platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads, among others. You can obtain all of the knowledge you need to be a competitive marketing expert by taking digital marketing courses in Mumbai. These courses offer you the tools and resources you need to fulfill your professional objectives.


There are many training centers some offer 1-month course some offer one year course. So what is the ideal course duration for a Digital Marketing Courses in mumbai? You can do a two-year course in digital marketing and still not learn a thing an ideal course is the one where you have the opportunity to work on live clients.


Google Digital Marketing Course Free


There are Digital Marketing Training Institutes that claim that they can give Google Certificate, Facebook Certificate, and HubSpot Certificate, but that’s not true these companies don’t have an exclusive tie-up with any training center. If you really want to be Google or Facebook certified all you have to do is go on google and apply for google certification and it’s free of cost. Lots of students fall prey to this technique. The only certificate that works is the work experience certificate which is widely accepted in companies is work experience certificate because they need people with exposure and not theoretical knowledge.
Here is the link for Google Certification ( includes DISPLAY, SEARCH, MEASUREMENT, VIDEO, SHOPPING)


What are the career options in Digital marketing?


Digital marketing is quickly becoming the backbone of every company’s revenue generation. And conventional brick-and-mortar businesses see the benefits of remaining on top of digital marketing.

Who are those digital marketers, then? Where do they start and what kind of education or experience do they need?

The responses are as varied as the available career opportunities, ranging from analytics to social media, and the skills needed are equally broad and diverse. If you are involved in digital marketing, you probably already have the expertise you should specialize in. Below are some of the best jobs open, and how you can make good use of those skills.

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India is growing expeditiously in the field of digital marketing. As in all the technical fields, Indians are making a mark in the field of digital marketing additionally. Digital Marketing is certainly an incipient option for the people there to avail them make a prosperous vocation in a field which holds lots of opportunities for its seeker. In today’s world money matters most as well as the skills, Put your money to learn the best digital marketing course in Mumbai, and also upgrading your skills is important. As per the search, most of the institute’s fees start from 25k. If you would relish gaining the fundamentals of digital marketing the fees are nominal from 25k to 1lac. If you want to be professional and master in digital marketing the fees could vary according to that from 25K-1lac. The fee structure for online and offline classes additionally differs because the coaching method differs. The Digital Marketing course in Mumbai is one of the most demanding courses nowadays. There are so many institutes providing this course but their result and placement supports are not impressive at all. Few Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai takes reasonable fees according to the modules you select on the other hand other Digital Marketing institutes provide this course takes fees of more than 50,000 and the result is not impressive. The future is bright in this field but if you select the course make sure the institute you choose is the best and has experience. If you are probing for a good and reputed institute in digital marketing, I would especially recommend you to make sure you get it from an experienced training provider who is not just after your money but guarantees that you get the best quality education through them.
At institutes, the Course duration varies depending on the type of batch you opt for. Most of the institutes of digital marketing in Mumbai offer Weekday batches, Weekend batches, and additionally Crash courses. The batch timings are designed in a way to provide flexible timings for students to opt for depending on their day-to-day schedule. Weekday – Evening batches and Weekend batches are designed to keep working professionals in mind so that they can take up the course without quitting their current jobs. If the institutes have weekday batches it takes 3 to 3.5 months and if they have weekend batches it takes 5 to 6 months. The Duration and timings for the Crash Course depend predicated on the requirement which may vary from 2 to 10 full days as it is customizable. All the institutes these days claim to provide comprehensive learning modules, which will avail you cover all the essential modules under the vast gamut of digital marketing. But learning digital marketing would certainly need a lot of patience. And additionally, only theoretical Knowledge is not ample. Its practical implementation is equivalently compulsory. So time required would be a little longer than you expect. Also to ease up the process for you, you can always research and read a lot about digital marketing courses in Mumbai prior to joining a premium course. This will ensure you take in enough data during the course and would be able to digest it more expeditious than otherwise. The duration of a digital marketing course in Mumbai can be anywhere between 2 months to 6 months. Most Digital Marketing courses in Mumbai will have a duration between 60 hours to 120 hours.
A digital marketer’s annual salary in Mumbai ranges from INR 2,50,000 to INR 5,00,000 for a fresher (1-2 years). A Digital Marketing Manager with 5 years of experience should expect to earn between 8L and 15L per year. The company’s scale, level of adeptness, and the professional’s expertise determine the salary. The mean salary of a person serving in the position of a digital marketing manager is INR 8,09,777. For this, the candidate needs to have an experience of about 4 to 8 years. Talking about the range within which digital marketing Manager Salary in Mumbai for fresher’s as well as the experienced falls is INR 4,00,000 to 18,00,000. The salary actually depends on a lot of factors like the location of employment, the qualification of the candidate, the industry they are associated with, and also the kind of Digital Marketing Certification they have. All these factors impact the figures significantly. For instance, the average salary of a person living in Mumbai is invariably going to be higher than someone employed in Hyderabad. The compensation amount is determined on the basis of the cost of living in a particular city or town.
The eligibility is to have enthusiasm of learning, continuous improvement of knowledge, reading habit, devotion of time are most important criteria to join digital marketing course. This course is felicitous for students who have graduated and worried about career, professionals looking to hone their skills in digital marketing or want to grow their business , homepreneurs , freelancers who want to boost their income and entrepreneurs who want to engender revenue through digital designates. The qualification for taking a digital marketing course depends on the institute. In general, having a class 12 passing certificate is required for admission to the qualification course. A graduation degree from a university recognized college is necessary for a postgraduate digital marketing course.
As of now, Digital Marketing is an elective topic in the MBA/MMS course conducted by Mumbai University. There is no separate course for digital marketing conducted by Mumbai University. You can also learn Digital Marketing as a component of the MMS course conducted by NMIMS. One of the topmost Business Schools (B-schools) of India, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Sciences (NMIMS) offers an excellent post-graduate program in Digital Marketing. Admissions are open for graduates in any field and working professionals for this course. Students who have consummated HSC or its equipollent along with a minimum of two-year work experience and those with Secondary School Certificate (SSC) or equipollent with Diploma apperceived by AICTE can additionally apply. NMIMS is a very reputed B-School. Hence, its certificates are valid across India and worldwide. However, these course fees are very high.
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