If you’re looking to break into the digital marketing industry, Bangalore is a great place to start. With a 31% growth in demand for skilled digital marketers last year, choosing the best digital marketing course in Bangalore can be the key to unlock tons of career opportunities.

Digital marketing course fees in Bangalore are between Rs.18,000 to Rs.1,60,000 based on the institute’s USP. Freelancers Academy offers at Rs.50,000 with USP as agency-based coaching, IIDE at Rs.1,60,000, Digital Academy 360 at Rs.60,000, Digital Vidya at Rs.50,000, and Digital Kora at Rs.16,000. Explore all other digital marketing course in Bangalore fees below.

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Choose from Top 12 Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore

The below 12 digital marketing institutes in Bangalore are based on 100% placement assistance, quality of internship, expertise of the trainers, number of years in the industry, and USP of the institutes. Among the top institute, Freelancers Academy gets the #1 position followed by IIM Skills, Streamlyn Academy, Digital Scholar, Digital Academy 360, Web Marketing Academy, Digital Monk and IIDE

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Scope of Digital Marketing in 2024 in Bangalore after the course

Bangalore is a thriving city for digital marketing jobs, offering promising career paths and ample opportunities for growth. With the city’s booming tech industry, companies are constantly in search of skilled digital marketing professionals. From e-commerce to technology and startups, diverse industries provide job roles in this field. Whether it’s content marketing, social media management or SEO (search engine optimization), there are many specializations to choose from.

As digital marketing becomes more important in Bangalore, professionals can expect to have a bright future with room for advancement and skill development. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, staying updated with the latest trends and technologies is crucial for career success in this city. With the right skills and experience, individuals can carve a successful and rewarding career in digital marketing in Bangalore.

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12 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore Fees & Benefits









Freelancers Academy 2 Months 4 Months Both Available Both 75,000/-
IIM Skills 2 Months  3 Months Only Online Available Only Weekday 34900/- +GST 
Streamlyn Academy 2 Months  6 Months Both Not Available Both 71,499/-
Digital Scholar Task-based Internship 4 Months Only Online Not Available Weekend 45,000/-
Digital Academy 360 2 Months 3 Months Both Not Available Both 60,000/-
Web Marketing Academy  Only Practicals Weekdays – 4 months

Weekends – 5 months

Both Not Available Both 49,000/- + GST
Digital Monk Not Available 2-4 Months Both Not Available Both 60,000/- + GST
IIDE 1-Month 6 Months Both Available Both 1,60,000/-
Digital Kora Not Available 1 Month Both Available Both 18,000/-
ExcelR Not Available 120+ Hours Online Recorded-based lectures Both 29,999/-
SimpliLearn Not Available 12 Months Online Not Available Both 64,200/-
Digital Vidya 2-Months 6 Months Both Available Both 49,900/- +18% GST

7 Best Offline Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore

Top 7 Offline Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore


Rank #1 Offline Digital Marketing Institute in Bangalore

At Freelancers Academy, we’re all about making a difference for you.

Freelancers Academy’s digital marketing courses are designed to give you the skills and confidence you need to succeed in the field—and help you get hired. We understand that digital marketing is a rapidly-changing industry, so they make sure our curriculum is always up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques. 

And because they know that learning by doing is the best way to learn something new, we’ve partnered with some of India’s leading companies to create an experience that combines classroom instruction with real work experience on live projects.

They’ve been recognized as the best institute for digital marketing courses in Bangalore, Mumbai, Andheri, Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Pune because we care about what our students need—and we make it happen!

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Rank #2 IIM Skills

IIM Skills is an online education platform that offers highly effective and job-oriented courses for students and professionals. Their Digital Marketing Master Course in Bangalore costs about 34900/- + 18% GST (Includes exam fee) is one of the most popular and comprehensive courses that they offer. The course syllabus covers all aspects of digital marketing, from SEO to SEM to SMM. 

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Rank #3 Streamlyn Academy

Streamlyn Academy is a prominent digital marketing training institute based in Bangalore. Known for its comprehensive courses and industry-relevant curriculum, Streamlyn Academy offers courses in data-driven digital marketing with analytics and AI, advanced digital marketing, progressive digital marketing, and advanced programmatic advertising. Theri digital marketing course costs around 71,499/- which any beginner or professional can join.

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Rank #4 Digital Scholar

Digital Scholar is a leading digital marketing training institute known for its comprehensive courses and practical approach. With a focus on real-time projects and working with real clients, the institute equips students with the skills needed to tackle industry challenges. Their cost of the course is 45,000/- which is designed to provide a holistic learning experience and are delivered by top digital marketing practitioners.

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Rank #5 Digital Academy 360

Digital Academy 360 is a trusted institute that offers a comprehensive digital marketing course for about 60,000/-. Their industry-vetted curriculum, guided program, practical sessions, and placement cell ensure students acquire the skills needed for successful careers. With a simplified curriculum and expert mentors, Digital Academy 360 aims to transform careers and nurture future leaders.

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Rank #6 Web Marketing Academy

Web Marketing Academy (WMA) is a leading digital marketing training institute based in Bangalore, India. The institute provides an ambitious digital marketing course costing around 49,000/-+ GST designed for working marketing professionals, freshers, students, leaders, C-Suites, experienced sales, and marketing executives, housewives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. 

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Rank #7 Digital Monk


Digital Monk is a leading digital marketing training institute that aims to transform the lives of college students, job seekers, working professionals, and business owners. With a wide range of programs, including the Advanced Digital Marketing Course that will cost you around 60,000/- +GST and other Self-Paced Digital Marketing Course, Digital Monk equips individuals with the skills needed to succeed in the digital marketing industry.

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5 Best Online Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore

  1. IIDE

IIDE (Indian Institute of Digital Education) is a specialized institute that focuses on imparting digital marketing training by industry experts. With a range of flexible programs, IIDE caters to learners with various objectives and offers their course starting at 1.60,000/- 

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2. Digital Kora

Digital Kora is a premier institute offering comprehensive digital marketing training in Bangalore. With a focus on practical knowledge and industry-relevant skills, Digital Kora equips learners to excel in the digital marketing industry. Its advanced digital marketing course priced at 18,000/- that covers a wide range of techniques and tools, including SEO, PPC, email marketing, Google Analytics, and more. 

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3. ExcelR

ExcelR is a leading institute offering a comprehensive Digital Marketing Certification Course in Bangalore. With a curriculum aligned with industry trends, experienced trainers, and guaranteed job interviews, learners receive hands-on training on various digital marketing platforms and tools. 

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4. Simplilearn

Simplilearn offers a top-notch Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore priced at 64,200/- . In collaboration with Purdue University, learners can kick start their journey in the Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing. 

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5. Digital Vidya

best digital marketing courses in pune

Digital Vidya offers the best Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore at 49,900/- + 18%GST, providing extensive training to over 95,000 professionals, entrepreneurs, and students since 2009. The institute’s curriculum is designed to equip learners with the latest digital marketing skills and strategies.

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How to choose between online and offline digital marketing courses ?


When deciding between online and offline digital marketing courses, it’s essential to consider your learning preferences, schedule, and desired outcomes. Both options have their advantages, so here are some factors to help you make an informed decision.

Online courses are flexible, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience. You can access the materials from anywhere, making it ideal for individuals with busy schedules or those who prefer self-paced learning. Online courses often offer a wide range of resources, including videos, interactive quizzes, and discussion forums, enhancing the learning experience.

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Pay scale of Digital Marketers in Bangalore

In Bangalore, the average annual salary for a Digital Marketing professional in 2024 is ₹5,45,688. On top of the base salary, there is an average additional cash compensation of ₹64,040. This additional cash compensation can range from ₹9,467 to ₹1,28,295 depending on factors such as experience and skill level.


It’s important to note that these figures reflect the average salaries and additional cash compensation for Digital Marketing positions in Bangalore. Actual salaries may vary based on various factors, including industry, company size, and individual qualifications.

Free Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore

The available free digital marketing courses in Bangalore doesn’t not provide in depth understanding on the course. So unfortunately there is no quality free digital marketing courses in Bangalore but on the other hand you can find few free digital marketing courses online. You can use these free online course to evaluate your interest towards digital marketing and enrol to a high quality digital marketing course listed above. Most of the time while applying for interview these free courses certificate are not valued equally to certificate from other proper institute. Listing down top 5 free digital marketing courses offered

1. Google ads from Skill Shop
2. Google Marketing Platform from Skill Shop
3. Google Digital Garage from Skill Shop
4. Google Analytics from Skill Shop
5. Google AdMob from Skill Shop

Drawbacks of Free Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore

Though you are getting free digital marketing courses available from bigger platforms, everything would be pre recorded and hence has following drawbacks while learning those free digital marketing courses

  • It covers entire subject, not specific to your requirement
  • The flow of the course wont be suitable for beginners
  • There is no doubt solving session you will get in free courses
  • There wont be any job assistance after the course

Other Digital Marketing courses around Bangalore location


In addition to the wide range of digital marketing courses offered in Bangalore, there are several other options available in the local area. Many reputable institutions and training providers offer comprehensive digital marketing programs that cater to different skill levels and objectives. Here is the list of other best digital marketing institutes in Indira Nagar, Koramangala, Marathahalli, Electronic City, BTM Layout, HSR Layout, JP Nagar, Jaya Nagar, Rajaji Nagar, Vijaya Nagar and Whitefield.


Whether you’re looking for a beginner’s course, advanced specialization, or specific focus areas like SEO or social media marketing, you can find various options to suit your needs. Research and explore these alternative digital marketing courses around Bangalore to find the perfect fit for your career goals and aspirations.

FAQs about Digital Marketing Course

The cost of a digital marketing course can depend on several factors. The type of course, duration and level of expertise will all affect the price. In general, online courses are cheaper than offline ones and many free resources are available online as well. It's important to research and compare different options so that you find the best value for money. Consider your budget and career aspirations so that you can afford what works for you and give you the biggest return on investment.
Digital marketing courses are open to people from all backgrounds. You do not have to be a marketing expert to take one of these courses: you can be a student, looking for a career change; an entrepreneur eager to learn more about digital marketing; or a working professional hoping to gain new skills that will advance your career. The only essential qualification is that you have an interest in the subject matter and are willing to commit some time and energy to studying it.
Here are some job positions in the field of digital marketing along with their average annual salaries in lakhs:
  • Market Research Analyst: 3.3 lakh
  • PPC Search Manager: 5.5 lakh
  • Social Media Manager: 3.4 lakh
  • SEO Manager/Professional: 5.5 lakh
  • Email Marketer: 4.2 lakh
  • Conversion Rate Optimizer: 5.4 lakh
  • Digital Marketing Consultant: 7.5 lakh
  • Content Marketer/Manager: 5.2 lakh
These figures give an overview of the salary range in various digital marketing roles. It's important to note that salaries may vary based on factors like experience, skills, industry, and location.
The skills that are in demand for digital marketing jobs are Marketing Automation, Video Production, and Marketing, Paid Media Specialist, Content Marketing Specialist, Analytics, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Copywriting (creating content that is appealing to potential customers), Email-Marketing (creating lists of people to email promotions or newsletters to), Website Development (creating a website that can be easily accessed by customers), PPC (Pay-Per-click)/ Google Ads & Design Fundamentals (creating advertisements for websites). All these skills also offer a good salary in the corporate world.
To increase your chances of landing a high-paying digital marketing job, here are a few tips:
  1. Acquire in-demand skills: Stay updated on the latest digital marketing trends and technologies. Master skills like SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, data analysis, and paid advertising.
  2. Gain practical experience: Internships, freelance projects, or personal projects can provide valuable hands-on experience and build your portfolio, aiding your job search.
  3. Build a strong online presence: Create a professional website, optimize your LinkedIn profile, and showcase your expertise through a blog or social media content.
  4. Network: Attend industry events, join digital marketing communities, and connect with professionals in the field to increase your visibility and open doors to potential job opportunities.
  5. Continuous learning: Commit to lifelong learning by taking relevant courses, attending webinars, and earning certifications to demonstrate your dedication and expertise.
By combining these strategies, you can enhance your skills, visibility, and credibility, increasing the odds of securing a high-paying digital marketing job.



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