User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are the hot topics in today’s digital world. Companies are all about giving customers the best feels and easiest use, creating a heavy demand for UI/UX designers, big time in Mumbai and other spots. UI involves all the stuff you see and tap on an app or site, like buttons, icons, and layout. UX is about the whole journey a customer has with a product, focusing on ease of use, accessibility, emotions stirred up, and how intuitive the features are.

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Scope of UX/UI in 2024

UI/UX design is totally the trendiest skill to know these days. With companies pulling out all the stops to craft the best digital experiences ever, there’s a mega demand for UI/UX designers who are on top of their game. So, let’s talk about why it’s so rad to learn UI/UX design!

In-Demand Skill-Set

User experience design is the secret ingredient for businesses to rock it in the digital market. Skilled UI/UX designers are like unicorns in a field where the demand is hotter than the latest pop track. Learning UI/UX design gives you highly sought-after skills that companies are eager to pay for. It opens up great career opportunities.

High Paying Careers

UI/UX designer salaries are much higher on average compared to many other careers. Top UI/UX designers at leading tech companies can make well over $100,000 a year. Even junior roles pay decent salaries. Learning UI/UX can pave the path to lucrative career opportunities.

Opportunity to Shape Product Experiences

UI/UX designers play a key role in shaping how people interact with digital products and services. You get the opportunity to create intuitive, pleasing, and effortless user experiences. Your designs directly impact customer satisfaction and the success of the product. UI/UX design provides a chance to make a real difference in the digital world.


Jobs Available for UI UX in Bangalore

UI/UX design is a growing field with lots of opportunities in Bangalore and beyond. Here are some of the top career paths and job prospects for UI/UX designers:

Job Roles

  • UI Designer – Focuses on designing user interfaces for products and optimizing interactions.
  • UX Designer – The rockstar behind the whole user journey and feel-good vibe as they navigate through products and services. 
  • Interaction Designer – The real mix-master, blending UI and UX to spin out experiences that are smooth as your favorite pop song. 
  • Visual Designer – The creative genius who shapes the super-stylish visual language and look of products.
  • Information Architect – Structures and organizes content and functionality.
  • UI/UX Engineer – Programs and implements designs using code.
  • UX Researcher – Studies user behaviors, needs, and motivations.
  • UX Writer – Writes microcopy, tooltips, and other UI text.


Typically, you’re looking at between ₹3-8 lakhs for newbies, ₹8-15 lakhs for those with some years of experience, and a good ₹15-30 lakhs for top-level headliners. Remember, your own tour — company, experience, skills — can remix your salary.

Top Employers

Some of the top companies hiring UI/UX designers in Bangalore include:

  • Startups – Ola, Swiggy, Cred, PhonePe
  • Product Companies – Adobe, Intuit, VMware, PayPal
  • Service Firms – Accenture, TCS, Cognizant, Wipro
  • Consultancies – Fractal, Zinnov, Slalom
  • Agencies – Digitas, Mirum, LatentView Analytics

With demand growing rapidly, there are many exciting UI/UX job opportunities in Bangalore across industries. Building a strong portfolio and specialized skills can help designers stand out and advance their careers.


Things to select before UI UX Course

When selecting a UI/UX design course in Bangalore, there are several factors to consider:

Full-Time vs Part-Time

Full-time courses require a bigger time commitment, but allow you to immerse yourself fully and complete the program quicker. Part-time and weekend options work better if you plan to keep your current job. Evaluate your schedule and learning style.


Prices range from free courses to over ₹200,000 for more comprehensive programs. Think about how much you can reasonably spend, and look for courses that offer good value for money based on content, instruction methods, and career support. Some provide flexible payment plans.

Teaching Methodology

Look for a good mix of theory and hands-on learning. Projects and portfolio development are key. Make sure instructors actively support students and offer mentoring. Online components add flexibility but reduce interactions. On-campus courses provide networking opportunities. Consider class size as well. Smaller cohorts mean more individual attention, while larger ones promote collaboration. Look for courses focused on real-world skills rather than just theory. User testing experience and industry visits are pluses.

Instructor Expertise

Its vital instructors have relevant industry experience in UI/UX design. Check their backgrounds and portfolio work. Seasoned practitioners will provide better insights and training.

Career Support

Many courses offer career guidance, mentorship, mock interviews, and help with portfolio development. Some even guarantee job placements. This support can make a big difference in starting your UI/UX career. Evaluate courses closely based on your needs and goals. Reach out to current students and alumni to get their feedback too. This will help ensure you choose the right UI/UX design course in Bangalore to kickstart your career.


Top 7 UI UX Course in Indira Nagar, Bangalore

When choosing a UI/UX design course in Bangalore, it’s helpful to compare the top options based on key factors like duration, cost, skills covered, and more. Here’s an overview of how some of the leading courses stack up:

Institute Fees Internship Duration Online/Offline Recordings Weekend/Weekday
Freelancers Academy  55,000/- Yes 12 weeks Both Yes Both
ILM Imaginative 1,20,000/- Yes 6 months Offline NA Weekdays
Design Boat 60,000/- + GST Yes 3.5 Months Both Yes Both
ImaginXP 58,000/- Yes 2-3 Months Both NA Both
Indras Academy 59,000/- Yes 17 week Both Yes Both
Arena Animation 1,00,000/- Yes 11 Month Offline NA Weekdays
Aspira Gate 75,000 NA 3 Months Online Yes NA

Best UX UI courses in Indiranagar

1) Freelancers Academy 

Freelancers Academy, located in Bangalore, is highly recognized for its excellent record in helping students find jobs. We Offer well-structured courses that prepare beginners to land jobs in top design firms within just two months. Contrary to what one might think, these great courses don’t come with a steep price tag. 

The UI UX Courses in Bangalore are priced reasonably, making it easier for students who might worry about the high cost of similar programs.

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2) ILM Imaginative

At ILM Imaginative, we’ve got the best testing trainer in India and top-class lab facilities. Our courses dig deep into all the crucial topics. We make sure you get attention by limiting students per batch. This lets you interact one-on-one with the trainer. We also have a placement officer who finds jobs in IT companies and organizes interviews for our students until they find a good paying job. ILM Imaginative is known as one of the leading institutes for UI UX courses in Bangalore. We offer top trainers to guide our students.

No: 2, 2nd floor, Arkstone Crest, 12th Cross, 1st stage Indiranagar, CMH Road, Bangalore – 560038 Land mark (Behind Metro station) or (opposite to Vijaya bank)

Course Curriculum

  1. Sketch
  2. Adobe XD
  3. Adobe Photoshop
  4. Adobe Ilustrator
  5. Adobe Dreamviewer

#13,2nd floor,  Sankey Rd, opp. Bharat Petroleum,  Sadashiva Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560080.

3) Design Boat

DesignBoat is a well-liked UI UX course in Bangalore, Indiranagar. It stretches across 8 cities and has an impressive history of turning beginner designers into skilled professionals. So far, 4388 students have completed the course, and 3040 of them have found positions in top-notch companies. With accommodating teaching methods, this course is a perfect fit for those new to the design world.

Course Curriculum

  1. Initiation into design
  2. Laying out the plan
  3. Honing the tools
  4. Color theory and Typography
  5. Prototyping and practice
  6. IOS and review
  7. Android and review
  8. Website and review

2nd Floor, 5th main, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar FK Square, Sector 7, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102.

4) Imagin XP

ImaginXP offers a three-month course in Bangalore that trains students in the design of interfaces, interactions and digital technology. The course is aimed at nurturing students’ entrepreneurial spirit and equipping them with an understanding of concepts integral to interface design and strategic decision-making in the information age.


Course syllabus

  • Users Engagement  
  • Application of the Fundamentals used in UX  
  • Learn industry patented 6D design process
  • Implementation of Digital Design Process 
  • Developing skills of ideation, strategic thinking and design thinking 
  • Acquire expertise in the field of problem solving leading to innovation & more. 


175&, 91 Springboard Business Hub Private Limited, 176, Bannerghatta Main Rd, Dollars Colony, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102.


5) Indras Academy

Indras Academy is a leading training company in Asia that specializes in digital marketing and Data Science. They’ve been offering both online and in-person coaching since 2014. To date, over 7500 professionals have grabbed their training opportunity, with 350+ successful training cycles delivered. From the first day of joining, Indras Academy’s commitment to top-notch education is unwavering. For over 6 years, their goal has been to offer high-standard learning which aligns spot-on with industry requirements.

Course syllabus:

  • UX Fundamentals
  • Usability Heuristics
  • UX Research
  • Data Gathering
  • UX Design
  • Empathy Mapping
  • Usability Testing
  • UI Design
  • Web Accessibility
  • Interview Preparation
  • CV Creation
  • Portfolio Building


Indrasacademy 45, varthur main road, 2, Tulsi Theater Rd, Marathahalli Village, Marathahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560067

6) Arena Animation

Arena Animation offers various short and comprehensive courses in Animation, Graphic Design, Web Design, Visual Effects (VFX), Gaming, Film Making, and 3D Animation in Indiranagar. What makes us stand out is our industry-focused training module. We extend 100% job assistance to students who complete their course by prepping them in soft skills and presentation techniques for interviews. Over the years, we’ve been successful in placing our students in some of the top multinational corporations in the country.

Course syllabus:

  • Fundamentals of Design
  • Principles of Design
  • Visual Communication
  • Empathy & User Study
  • Ethnography & People Design
  • Service Design
  • Design Thinking
  • Information & Data Study


No. 8, 3rd Floor, 8th Edifice, Chinmaya Mission Hospital Rd, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038

7) AspireGate

Aspira in Bangalore welcomes anyone to enroll in their courses, regardless of their background and no prior design knowledge is needed. At Aspira, learning is tailored around individual needs, making it more than just a design academy. Their focus on devotion and hard work ensures top-quality training. As one of the leading UI UX courses in Bangalore, Aspira offers in-depth training in the UI UX process, including hands-on practice.


Course Curriculum

  1. UX Design
  2. User Research
  3. Interaction Design
  4. Visual Design
  5. Usability Testing

Novel Office South | Coworking & Office Space for rent in Bangalore |, Hosur Rd, Kudlu Gate, Krishna Reddy Industrial Area, Hosapalaya, Muneshwara Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560068.

The duration ranges from intensive 2-month courses focusing on core skills like IxDA’s program, up to more comprehensive 1-year diplomas like the UX Design Institute. Costs also vary widely, from Rs 20,000 to over Rs 1 lakh.

Top skills covered across most courses include design thinking, UI/UX principles, user research, prototyping, and testing. Some courses also teach advanced skills like design systems, design leadership, and portfolio building.

When choosing between courses, consider your budget, availability, and the specific skills you want to develop. Reach out to alumni and instructors to get a better sense of each program’s strengths and teaching style as well.

How to choose between online & Offline course

Choosing between online or offline UX courses depends on your learning style, schedule, budget and access to programs. Here’s an overview of the pros and cons of each format:

Online UX Courses


  • More flexible scheduling – you can complete coursework on your own time
  • Often lower cost than in-person programs
  • Access programs from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Self-paced so you can work at your own speed
  • Good for independent learners



  • Less structure than a classroom setting
  • Easy to procrastinate or fall behind
  • Less in-person support from instructors
  • Harder to network and make connections
  • Need self-motivation and discipline

Offline/In-Person UX Courses


  • Immersive classroom environment
  • In-person support from instructors
  • Easier to stay focused and accountable
  • Network and collaborate with classmates
  • Access to campus resources and career services



  • Have to follow a set schedule
  • Commuting can be time consuming
  • Programs may not be available locally
  • Can be more expensive than online options
  • Need to arrange time off from work

During online classes you have all about freedom and keeping your money safe. Whereas in-person classes you have the benefits of being on campus. Think about how you learn, how much time you can give, your finances, and the courses available to you. Then you should find it easier to pick online or offline UX courses.

Pay Scale of UI UX Designers

Salaries for UI/UX designers can differ a lot based on location, experience, job role, and other aspects. Here’s an easy-to-digest summary of average pay for some big tech cities in India:

  • In Bangalore, mid-level UI/UX designers can earn around ₹6-12 lakhs per year, while senior experts pull in ₹15-25 lakhs.
  • In Mumbai, the yearly average is ₹5-10 lakhs for mid-level positions and ₹12-22 lakhs for those at the top.
  • In the Delhi NCR area, mid-level professionals make about ₹4-9 lakhs, and senior specialists receive ₹10-20 lakhs on average.

Some key factors that impact UI/UX designer salaries include:

  • Years of experience – More experienced designers command higher salaries. Those with 5+ years earn 25-50% more than junior designers.
  • Expertise and skills – Designers skilled in the latest tools and trends like mobile UI, AR/VR, and design systems tend to earn more.
  • Company and industry – Startups pay less than mature product companies. SaaS/consumer tech pay more than other industries.
  • Location and cost of living – Metro cities offer higher salaries but also higher living costs.

Overall, UI/UX designer salaries in India are growing steadily. With demand for strong UI/UX design skills increasing across many industries, salaries are expected to continue rising. The top performers can expect to earn salaries comparable to software engineers over time.


FAQs for Freelancers Academy

UX design, aka user experience design, is totally about making apps/websites user-friendly and fun to use. The whole point about Ux is that people are having fun when they're interacting with a product. So, UX designers are the ones who zone in on what users feel and strive to create designs that are a cinch to use.
Our UX design course is easy to understand. We'll teach you how to do UX research, how to organize information nicely, how to outline the way things interact, how to make a first version of a design, and the detailed work of UI design. Also, we check if users can easily use the tools and products. We focus on real-world projects here. Our mission: to help you make things that work well for users and satisfy higher-ups as well.
Getting a UX design from Freelancers Academy is like holding a bunch of job tickets. You could be crafting as a UX designer, UI designer, web designer, product designer, plot the blueprint as a UX architect, analyze trends as a UX analyst, dig insights as a UX researcher, or flex creative muscles as a UX writer. Best part? Lots of companies are on the hunt for UX designers right now.
No specific design experience is required. However, basic knowledge of design principles and fundamentals will be useful. The course is designed for both beginners and professionals looking to transition into UX design.
Our comprehensive UX design course is 6 months long. It provides in-depth training through live online classes and hands-on projects. The course covers concepts from beginner to advanced level.
The course covers UX design tools like Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, InVision, UXPin, etc. You'll gain practical experience in UX research tools, prototyping tools, and design collaboration tools.
Live classes are held online/offline as well. Additional doubt clearing sessions are scheduled on weekends. The course follows a flexible schedule customized for working professionals.


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