If you are searching for the best digital marketing course in Panvel, your search ends here. We have curated a list of the top 16 digital marketing courses in Panvel that you can enroll in.
Panvel is a fast-growing city and a great destination for students and professionals to access skill-based training. Digital Marketing is one such skill that is highly sought after by businesses to succeed online. There are several institutes in Panvel that offer digital marketing courses, but only a few have performed well and come highly recommended by industry professionals.

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Here is a list of the Top 4 Digital Marketing Courses in Panvel:

Freelancers Academy 09082006765 4 (adv) months Yes 75,000/-(adv) Andheri / Mumbai/ Thane/ Charni Road / Panvel
Esquare Infotech +91-8080106666 2 months 15,000/-  Khargar
Proideators +91 80700-80999 150 hours Yes 35,000 Thane and Kharghar
Omkar Pawar +9136772895 Kamothe


Let’s take a look at the best digital marketing institute in Panvel:

Rank #1 Best Digital Marketing Course in Panvel

Freelancers Academy

Website : www.freelancersacademy.com
Phone Number: 9930898222
Location: Vashi, Thane, Andheri, South Mumbai & Pune

Name Freelancers Academy
WEBSITE www.freelancersacademy.com
CONTACT NO. 09082006765
FEES 75,000 INR
LOCATION Andheri ,South Mumbai,Navi mumbai, Pune,Thane
BATCH Weekday & Weekend
Internship Provided

Freelancers Academy is one of the top institutes of digital marketing training and one of the few centers to have its own in-house digital marketing agency. Their aim is to fill the gap by creating a course which will help people to get an opportunity to work on “LIVE PROJECTS” which makes their course one of the best Digital marketing courses in Panvel, Navi Mumbai. Freelancers Academy has been awarded as one of the best Digital Marketing Institute in the year 2019 by Radio City 91.1FM. If that doesn’t get you believing then India’s leading digital experts such as Deepak Kanakaraju, Sourav Jain & Gaurav Gurbaxani have some amazing things to share about this training institute. Freelancers Academy is also believed to provide the students with the best digital marketing courses in Panvel.

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Rank #2 Best Digital Marketing Course in Panvel

Esquare Infotech:

NAME Esquare Infotech 
DURATION 2 months
WEBSITE esquareinfotech.com
CONTACT NO. +91-8080106666
FEES 15,000/-
BATCH Weekday and Weekend
Course Modules 10+ Modules
Course Certificates 2
Training Mode Offline Class

Esquare Infotech is a digital marketing agency that operates in an agency-style. Their training programs are offered both online and offline, and are designed to be practical in nature. They believe that learning through implementation is more effective than simply studying theories. This course is suitable for entrepreneurs, students, freelancers, as well as sales and marketing professionals.

Students of Esquare Infotech can enjoy a number of benefits, such as placement assistance, real-life client projects, and a guaranteed internship. With their track record of successful students in the field of digital marketing, Esquare Infotech is considered as one of the best digital marketing courses in Panvel.

Address:  45, Bhoomi Heights, Sector 8, Plot No-5 & 6 Kharghar Navi Mumbai



Rank #3 Best Digital Marketing Course in Panvel


Name Proideators Institute
DURATION 150 hours
WEBSITE www.proideators.com
CONTACT NO. +91 80700-80999
FEES 35,000
LOCATION Thane and Kharghar
BATCH Weekdays & Weekends

Proideators are an initiative lead by a team of experienced professionals from the IT sector and are one of the best Top 5 Digital Marketing Institutes in Panvel. Their head office is situated in Thane and training centers available all over Panvel, Navi Mumbai and online training across the world. Proideators offer Masters in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing. Google certification, SEO certification, and Email Marketing. This makes Proideators one of the best digital marketing courses in Panvel. Navi Mumbai.

Address: Shah Prima, Office No. 204, Plot No. 13, Kharghar Station Rd, Sector 2, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai


Rank #4 Best Digital Marketing Course in Panvel

Omkar Pawar


NAME Omkar Pawar
WEBSITE omkarpawar.in
CONTACT NO. 9136772895
LOCATION Panvel, Navi Mumbai 
BATCH Weekdays & Weekends
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The digital marketing industry is no longer limited to just big corporations. Nowadays, it’s essential for businesses of all sizes, in any industry and location, to embrace digital technology for growth and innovation. In India, thousands of entrepreneurs come up with innovative ideas, but a whopping 80% of businesses fail within the first year. A lack of understanding of the target market is often the cause. Digital marketing can help entrepreneurs gain a clear vision of their target market, making it easier for them to connect with their consumers.

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Here is the list of a best digital marketing agencies in Panvel

Rank Name Contact Number Email address
#1 Anuvaa 9819607019 [email protected]
#2 Esquareinfotech +91-8080106666 esquareinfotech.com
#3 Proideators +91 80700-80999 www.proideators.com
#4 Omkar Pawar 9136772895 Omkarpawar.in 

Rank #1 Digital Marketing Agency in Panvel 


Anuvaa - Best Digital Marketing agency in navi mumbai

At Anuvaa, we have an expert team that manages your marketing strategy in more technical ways, enabling you to concentrate on other areas that your company needs and does best, rather than spending weeks or months trying to find the correct individual to recruit and train. Anuvaa- the best digital marketing course in Mumbai will help you get better sales by various marketing strategies to attract the ideal customer.

Rank #2 Digital Marketing Agency in Panvel

Esquare infotech

The digital marketing agency Esquare Infotech is passionate about supporting its customers in the digital world. They make quality assured digital marketing solutions at competitive rates for both domestic and foreign clients.

Esquare Infotech provides its customers with SEO-backed digital marketing campaigns and full result-driven solutions for Website Creation & Design, Online Business Promotion, Digital Marketing Growth Campaigns, Market Analysis & Planning, Mobile Technology Creation, E-Commerce Solutions, Online Brand Presence and Customized Application Development.

Rank #3 Digital Marketing Agency in Panvel

VK Digital


VK Digital is one of Panvel’s leading Online marketing firm. To each company, we develop customized marketing campaigns to improve their website and the business as a whole. As the best Digital Marketing Agency in Panvel, we offer full internet marketing solutions including SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO, ORM & LLM.

Rank #4 Digital Marketing Agency in Panvel

Omkar Pawar

Omkar Pawar comes from a technology-driven individual with office, which is 4+ years old. We boast a team of great developers, researchers, marketing experts, web designers, creative strategists, software technologists, evangelists in social & digital media, and project managers.


TOP 5 Best Online Digital Marketing Courses In Panvel

If you are looking for the Best Online Digital Marketing Courses in Panvel, then you have come to the right place. We present you with a detailed list of the best Online Digital Marketing Courses offered by different centers and institutes. With the ongoing Covid-19 situation, although from travelling to malls, even the schools has been disrupted, one thing that could not be disrupted was “learning” and “educating”, something that grows bigger the more it is shared.
The field of digital marketing courses in Panvel has grown a great deal nevertheless and is still growing. With amazing career opportunities and potential that is opening doors and being sought after, wanting to dive into the course without any delay right away. Today in this blog, we have listed the 5 best online digital marketing courses in Panvel, for individuals who are trapped in this pandemic and wish to learn Digital Marketing.


Listing below the 4 Best Online Digital Marketing Courses In Panvel: 

Rank Name Contact Number Email address
#1 Freelancers Academy 9819607019 [email protected]
#2 Esquare Infotech +91-8080106666
#3 Proideators +91 80700-80999 [email protected]
#4 Omkar Pawar 9136772895 [email protected]

1. Freelancers Academy

Freelancers Academy is one of the best online digital marketing institutes located in Panvel, having branches in Thane and Andheri as well. They provide both online training sessions and as well as classroom training sessions. The Freelancers Academy has gained
notoriety for becoming one of the greatest digital marketing course in Panvel with a history marked by showing in excess of 20000 understudies. The reason behind its prosperity is the grounds that the establishment has an in-house Digital Marketing Agency where students gain an involved professional experience with hands on practical training. Luckily, for individuals who are from far away regions and can’t come to the organization can take the advantage of their online lectures as well. The online lectures will have the same assignments and given the same practical tasks to put to use their Online Digital Marketing skill, just like the offline batch of students have. The course will cover everything from SEO, PPC, Digital Display Advertising to Website development, Online Reputation Management &

2.  Esquare Infotech

Esquare Infotech is one of the most amazing and the best online digital marketing training institutes in Panvel. They believe in the modern method of teaching Digital Marketing to students, rather than having the standard, worn out course book schedule. The students ace the themes and afterward have the potential chance to introduce what they have learnt from the course by working on the assignments. The online process for the same has a similar method yet in addition to point it is very flexible. The course assists students with acquiring insights of the
knowledge and assists their students with shaping themselves into capable working experts in the near future.



The Proideators is another one of the best online digital marketing course in Panvel, Navi Mumbai follows a serious online digital marketing curriculum that follows an agency style approach, the foundation has made a name and great fame for itself. They believe in having a practical approach and pay a lot of attention on the ever growing potential of the best online digital marketing course in Panvel, Navi Mumbai that is available. The course additionally helps you to go into huge digital marketing organizations right after their extensive course is completed.


4. Omkar Pawar

Omkar Pawar is another digital marketing foundation and institute in Panvel that gives an online teaching experience to students who earnestly wish to gain proficiency in the course. The Best Online Digital Marketing Course in Panvel, Navi Mumbai gives an outline of various parts of industry and promoting objectives of the marketing sector. The primary goal of the course is to apply the latest innovation technology and techniques most effectively. The course likewise helps the students in utilizing and executing a fruitful digital marketing campaign.

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The table below summaries fee for digital marketing courses according to types of courses, and their duration:

Freelancers Academy 9082006765 4 (adv) months Yes 50,000/-(adv) Andheri / Mumbai/ Thane/ Charni Road
Esquare Infotech +91-8080106666 2 months Yes 15,000/- Mumbai & Navi Mumbai
Proideators +91 80700-80999 35,000 Thane and Kharghar
Omkar Pawar 9136772895 2 months Vashi




Several Digital Marketing Training Institutes assert that they can provide certificates from major companies such as Google, Facebook, and HubSpot, but this is false, as these companies do not have any exclusive collaboration with any training center. If you genuinely want to receive a Google or Facebook certificate, you can simply apply for one through Google, and it is completely free. However, many students are deceived by this tactic. The only certificate that truly matters and is widely accepted by companies is the work experience certificate because organizations seek people with practical exposure rather than just theoretical knowledge.

Here is the link for Google Certification ( includes DISPLAY, SEARCH, MEASUREMENT, VIDEO, SHOPPING)




Accordion Sample DescriA. At Freelancers Academy, you can learn how to master different areas of digital marketing such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Digital Media Marketing. Our learning modules are designed to be simple, effective, and easy to implement, and we also offer live projects to help you gain practical experience.ption
If you are enthusiastic about establishing a career in the field of digital marketing and eager to be a part of this booming industry, then this is the perfect place for you. Additionally, if you are considering a career switch, then this institute can also be an ideal option for you.
The field of digital marketing can be categorized into two main parts. The first segment focuses on essential career-specific courses such as SEO, PPC, and Social Media. The second segment involves training in Google Analytics, which requires a comprehensive understanding of website basics and digital marketing platforms.
In-person training in the classroom is beneficial as it allows you to interact directly with the instructors, promptly address any issues, voice your opinions and connect with other students. Online training is a suitable alternative if you are unable to attend classes due to transportation difficulties, work schedules, or personal reasons. Online training is ideal for those who reside in a different city or are frequently on the move.
A Bachelor's degree is the mandatory requirement. Nevertheless, some enterprises currently offer full-time and internship programs to those who have completed their 12th-grade studies (Higher Secondary Education).
To complete a digital marketing course, a minimum of 100 hours is required.
A. After completing the PPC training, you can take the Google AdWords Certification Exam (6 Module), which is approved by Google. Besides, with the Digital Marketing career preparation, you can also appear for the Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification Exam. Additionally, after finishing the Google Analytics training program, you are eligible to write the online Google Certification exam, which is certified by Google. Similarly, with Social Media training program, you can apply for the online Facebook BluePrint Certification exam.
Ensure that you have a strong interest in digital marketing before enrolling in a training program. A reputable training program should offer:
  • Personalized one-on-one attention
  • Practical, interactive training
  • Opportunities to work on live projects in small groups of 5-10 students
  • Assignments to complete after each session
  • Training to prepare for Google Certification exams
  • The chance to manage campaigns independently,
By gaining a thorough understanding of Digital Marketing Strategy, Planning, Implementation & Optimization, and exploring Affiliate Marketing, Strategy & Planning, one can potentially increase their earnings.
Establishing trust with clients may not be easy at first, but some clients are willing to trust you with their website management despite lower rates. However, it can take up to six months to secure clients for freelancing projects.
Anyone can pursue digital marketing as a career, with the only prerequisite being good communication skills.
It takes around 1 to 2 months to complete a comprehensive course on the best practices of SEO, PPC, Google AdWords, and social media marketing.

Different Digital Marketing Salary

The online sphere is bustling with brands vying for attention and multimedia, resulting in the emergence of digital marketing services. These services assist businesses in establishing their online presence by utilizing data from organic search engines, social media, pay-per-click, or content marketing. This leads to enhanced online exposure and enables your target audience to access your website, ultimately increasing potential clients. In India, digital marketing salary can be quite lucrative, making it a great opportunity for individuals.

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