Top 5 Digital Marketing Institutes in Andheri

Are you from Andheri and looking for top Digital marketing institutes in Andheri?

Well, to help you find the Best Digital Marketing Course providers in Andheri.

But before we move on to the Digital Marketing Courses, let us first look at the growing importance of Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing in today’s date is one such subject that could be learned and sought after by anybody belonging to any stream of education, and even age is definitely not an issue here. Digital Marketing has truly become an avoidable field, which is accessible to everybody. Young competitors, homemakers, and even expert from various occupation profiles are becoming a part of this huge bandwagon.  It has something for everyone. Especially, if you are a creative head, then this field is surely for you.

With such huge numbers of Digital Marketing institutes in Andheri around yourself and new ones springing up every other day, picking the right option is often a daunting job. To make it easy, here is a rundown of the top 5 Digital Marketing Institutes in Andheri with Fees & Placement recommended by the scholars in this domain:

Having to choose your own career path can be quite challenging and daunting at the same time. You want to do the thing you love the most and also factor in important parameters such as the lifestyle you want and stability in the long term.While digital marketing isn’t on the highest end of the list of things children want to do when they grow up, it’s actually an excellent prospect. The job offers great flexibility and once you complete a digital marketing course in Andheri, you’ll be able to easily get the job that you want that supports your needs and more.

Evolving sector:
Digital marketing is constantly growing with various platforms and with some of the most important jobs in the future depending on a strong base. With digital marketing institutes in Andheri, you can make a good impact for your future and ensure you don’t have to worry about an unsure future.

The Digital Marketing Job Role Is Constantly Evolving
The digital marketing institutes in Andheri is always scoping out trends and seeing how they impact discoverability.

Building experience in digital marketing encompasses just about every facet of a brand’s presence online and you can do so with the digital marketing institutes in Andheri. Why Digital Marketing Job

Marketing managers who complete their tenure from the digital marketing institutes in Andheri are What Is the Demand for Digital Marketers?

With the digital marketing institutes in Andheri, you can easily achieve this.

A LinkedIn survey also found a shortage of about 230,000 digital marketing professionals in major metro areas in the U.S.

With so many jobs and not enough professionals to fill them, now is the perfect time to get started with one of the digital marketing institutes in Andheri.

How to Get Started With a Digital Marketing Role
As you get started with the digital marketing institutes in Andheri, it’s important to understand the key specialties within the industry. You can complete the course, after which you can go forth and ensure that the right job is sought after.

This marketing role is concerned with designing multi-channel campaigns to raise awareness about and drive the adoption of a brand, product, or service. Digital media managers are also responsible for deciding the brand’s digital strategy and messaging.
First, they assess the business in terms of its paid, owned, and earned media strengths. Then, they utilize multiple channels like pay-per-click ads, Google display ads, website/blog, social media presence, online reviews, etc. Every one of these avenues brings unique capabilities to the table, such as brand awareness, customer preference, and trust.

If we look at the specifics, digital media management primarily aims at the twin goals of customer acquisition and lead generation. This field requires people with an analytical mind who can benchmark performance and forecast results in keeping with the nuances of consumer behavior.

2. Pay-Per-Click Managers
These marketing professionals enhance PPC campaigns using budgeting, keyword selection, copy improvement, comprehensive search strategies, etc. PPC managers are expected to handle various ad types, such as Google Display, Bing ads, and other paid search engine advertising.

All in all, they implement strategies for their clients and support initiatives that contribute to achieving the intended goals. The demand for PPC managers and the salary making it one of the highest paying digital marketing jobs in India.

Annual salary: Rs 10,48,883

3. SEM/SEO Specialists
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) involves techniques like search engine optimization or SEO, pay-per-click, and paid advertising. As an SEM specialist, you would be tasked with ensuring that when your target prospects look for a particular thing online, they see your organization in the top results. The excessive & growing demand makes SEM/SEO specialists, land on one of the highest salary digital marketing jobs in India

You would also manage online campaigns and update the websites to drive search results (for example, blogs and RSS feeds) to establish a viable business case for SEM expenditure. It has always been one of the best digital marketing jobs in India, and dealing with money – yours and others – is the stuff of dreams.

Annual salary: Rs 360,098 (entry-level) and Rs 975,000 (mid-senior level)

4. Content Strategists
As one of the highest paying digital marketing jobs, In an increasingly digital world, the issues of unnecessary clutter and short attention spans also hamstring the marketing efforts. Today’s consumers spend a lot of time online, but they are too busy and spoilt for options. So, a well-thought-out content strategy can prove to be a valuable asset. Hence, it is not surprising that such roles are among the highest paying jobs in digital marketing.

Several organizations, which are serious about tailoring their strategic objectives to match the customer needs, hire content strategists for the job. It is the duty of these to attain the much-needed brand visibility and reach and find that intrinsic link between content and SEO. Here are a few tasks that they perform for the companies:

  • Conducting content audits
  • Creating style guides
  • Populating event calendars
  • Curating high-quality content
  • Developing a compelling copy for the brand

To undertake the above responsibilities, content strategists need to be innovative, systematic, and well-organized. They should be able to identify relevant topics for content generation and then execute the plans to engage the target audience.

Annual salary: Rs 6,92,498

5. E-commerce Specialist
One of the highest paying digital marketing jobs worldwide, E-commerce has emerged as a cost-effective solution for retailers over the last few years. Since there is no requirement for physical space, a significant portion of the overheads can be saved.

Most big brands use the omnichannel approach, where traditional marketing efforts are supplemented with an e-commerce presence. But in the face of COVID-19, all businesses have had to rethink their approach. It is one of the highest paying digital marketing jobs in the market today. The excessive & growing demand makes e-commerce specialist land on one of the highest salary ecommerce specialist jobs in India E-commerce specialists are adept at optimizing product pages with proper descriptions and button placements. With this, they improve the customer experience and increase conversions. They also collaborate with cross-functional teams (sales and marketing) to set lead generation and sales targets.

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InstituteDurationInternshipFeesLocationContact No.
Freelancers Academy4 (adv) monthsYes34,500/-(adv)Andheri /Navi Mumbai /Thane09082006765
IIDE6 monthsYes80,508+ taxeNavi Mumbai & Mumbai0961995865
Learning Catalyst3 monthsNo40,000/-Vile Parle089761 05325
Operating Media90 hoursNo26,000/-Andheri, Borivali & Thane09319977749
Digital Vidya3 monthsYes58,900/-+18% GSTAndheri08010033033/td>

List of Top 5 Digital Marketing Institutes in Andheri

1.Freelancers Academy


Freelancers Academy is one of the very few training centers to have their own in-house digital marketing agency, where students get the opportunity to work on Live Projects during their Internship period. Freelancers Academy gives you a stage to apply and comprehend ideas as you learn. They offer genuine working experience and pragmatic presentation by giving their student the opportunity to work with their clients. Every single topic is explained with heaps of constant models and real-time examples. Having the flexibility of Weekday (Evening and Afternoon classes) and Weekend batch for working professionals with different shifts. Freelancers Academy additionally ensures 100% placement assistance to their students. The course has both study hall and online classes .They have been appraised by Radio City 91.1 F.m as the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai 2019.

NAMEFreelancers Academy
DURATION2 Months + Internship
FEES34,500 INR
LOCATIONAndheri , Navi Mumbai & Thane
BATCHWeekday & Weekend


  1. IIDE:


Indian Institute of Digital Education have their campus at the most convenient locations in Mumbai i.e at Churchgate, Andheri, Mulund and Navi Mumbai. They provide a propelled of half year Digital marketing course. They have trained more than 60,000 students through online, offline and on-demand mediums. Their program includes 6 months of intensive classroom training of 16 modules along with practical training.

DURATION6 months
FEES80,508+ taxes
LOCATIONNavi Mumbai & Mumbai
BATCHWeekday & Weekend


  1. Learning Catalyst:


Learning Catalyst provides classroom and online training to working experts and corporate gatherings in the field of Digital Marketing. They have constructed a framework and a lot of procedure which brings about great situations for their members. Learning Catalyst conducts end of the week training sessions for working experts and business people in their premises at Vile Parle, Mumbai. They likewise participate in conferring Training to School kids in the field of Web advances under the brand name of “Junior Tech Squad”. Their personnel arrange contains specialists, organizers and driving veterans. They train to rouse and propel students to manufacture capacity and accomplish their profession goals. Apart from Mumbai, they have their training hubs in Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Ahmedabad.

NAMELearning Catalyst
DURATION3 months
BATCHWeekday & Weekend


  1. Operating Media


Operating Media offers modified Digital Marketing Workshops for corporate affiliations, who are keep on taking their associations to the following level. Their preparation programs are structured by industry pioneers. The course material set up is centered around serving the neighborhood business network with the most recent and bit by bit workshop approach. Operating Media have full-fledged courses to address different parts of digital marketing and practical knowledge to the participants and make out of them a perfect digital marketing practitioner.

NAMEOperating Media
DURATION90 hours
LOCATIONAndheri, Borivali & Thane
BATCHWeekday Batch


  1. Digital Vidya


Digital Vidya started with delivering Social Media training workshops across India in 2009. Digital Vidya is the official preparing accomplice of Google and Microsoft India and has associations with Global Social Media giants, for example, Facebook, LinkedIn, NASSCOM and Vskills. The course provides in-depth knowledge of topics like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, SEM, Email Marketing, Web Analytics, Inbound Marketing & other specialization modules as well as with genuine contextual investigations and assignments.

NAMEDigital Vidya
DURATION3 months
FEES58,900/-+18% GST
BATCHWeekday & Weekend


Digital Marketing Course Fee

There is a saying, for accomplishing something initially; you need to pay for it first. Nothing is free in the present life, however spending on something which is entirely gainful in a vocation later on, then why not?

Digital Marketing is positively another choice for the individuals there to assist them with making an effective profession in a field which holds loads of chances for it searcher. India is developing quickly in the field of Digital Marketing. As in all the specialized fields, Indians are making an imprint in the field of Digital Marketing as well. In this day and age money matters most just as the abilities, Put your money to gain proficiency with the best Digital Marketing course and furthermore overhauling your aptitudes is significant. According to the pursuit, the vast majority of the Institute charges start from 10,000/ – and can go up till 1 lac. On the off chance that you might want to pick up the essentials of Digital Marketing the charges are may start from 12,000/- to 20,000/-. On the off chance that you wish to be proficient and ace in advanced showcasing, the charges could change as indicated by that from 20,000/- 40,000/-. The fee structure for classroom training and online classes can differ because of the training strategy varies. Many training centers would charge you lacs, and many would charge you nothing. Along these lines, how would you know which one is better, the one that offers the course at a lower rate, or the one that offers the course at a higher rate? Deciding whereupon course to take, this is surely a significant choice that you would make that would impact your future. Generally, Digital Marketing Institutes charge you around 40,000/- 50,000/- INR, wherein they offer you a total bundle of picking up, including the course educational program, the live projects and assignments, placement assistance alongside the extra help of clearing the different significant certifications in Digital Marketing, or in any event, helping you get ready for your Interviews, improving your resumes, and so on. In this way, the cost is supported, as they train you regarding the matter for around 2-5 months’ time, which is a perfect time period for learning the subject and acing it as well. There are numerous Digital Marketing Institutes and Training centers, that guarantee to offer the course for around 6-12 months and in this way, they even charge you more for compensating for the time and resources they put into your preparation. Having said that, it is very important for you to join a good institute, as they offer an exceptionally streamlined course with all the modules being shrouded in their educational program alongside loads of training by means of live projects and assignments.
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Digital Marketing Jobs

At this point you’ve presumably heard the hype – Digital Marketing abilities are in genuine interest and the advanced aptitude gap is set to broaden. Greater spending plans, expanded compensation and more vocation decision are only a portion of the advantages Digital Marketing experts can anticipate this year and past.

The positions in the field of Digital Marketing are now getting huge. From product manager to lead specialist to account manager to eCommerce managers, you’ll have numerous open doors in the years to come. Aside from great, great as well as extraordinary aptitudes, you should be enthusiastic and innovative enough to assist your association with gaining competitive edge over others. Digital Marketing is at present, almost certainly the most looked for after field thinking about its prevalence and future degree. It won’t be wrong to remark that the market is presently overflowed with Digital Marketing job opportunities. Also, make the most of this situation, numerous applicants are really approaching, taking up proficient instructing regarding the matter to assist them with turning into a specialist sooner and eventually, make an extraordinary and rewarding future profession for themselves. Taking of which, carries us to the subject of the different vocation accessible in this field. Here is the rundown of some of the different positions accessible for those looking for a profession in Digital Marketing: Search Engine Specialist/Executive Content Executive/Specialist Digital Marketing Executive/Specialist Social Media Marketing Specialist/Executive Web developer and web designer Blogger Freelancer
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