Are you interested in applying for a UI UX  Design Courses in Dubai? if you then you have arrived at the right place! It was earlier believed that a person can only make his career if he or she enrolls in medical or engineering. But now along with people evolving their thought processes, we have students who have started to broaden the path. The designing profession is one such that is blooming and promises a great future for any candidate that takes part. The Course of Designing provides a lot of paths and the profession is seen to have a steady growth in Dubai.


UX Design is one such course that helps in discovering products, most commonly apps and websites, that are basic to utilize, help the end-users. It also understands the needs of the utilizer and how they actually gain what they desire. It’s the means through which the utilizers can interact with the information and how they navigate your design. The reason why the course is in such high demand is that not all people who have done graphic designing have genuinely understood what’s involved. Now is the time that people should come forward and learn about the UI UX  Design courses in Dubai to gain in-depth knowledge about graphic designing. The UI UX Design Course in Dubai in design specialization provides a design-centric approach to the user and offers practical, skill-based instruction. If one thinks about it then the meaning behind UI UX Design is almost the same. The User Interface or UI is the space where interactions between humans and machines occur. User experience or UX is a person’s emotions and postures about utilizing a particular product, system, or service. UI UX design refers to graphical user interfaces and user experience also other forms—e.g., voice-controlled interfaces.

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Now That we know about UI UX Design, let us see the top 10 institutes that provide the UI UX  Design Courses in Dubai.


1. Freelancers Academy

Freelancers Academy is well-known for UI UX  Design Courses in Dubai for the placements that their students receive by enrolling in the course. Their strategically planned course allows a beginner to develop all the necessary skills required to get placed in top-ranking designing companies in a matter of 2 months. The course has a very competitive price when compared to their offerings in their field. It is a must to enquire about this course for any student who wishes to be a designer but is intimidated by the prices of the course. They also provide internships for 2 months to their students in their in-house agency so that their students get practical experience about the course. Freelancers Academy also has its branch for UI UX Courses in Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune. For more information, one can always visit the website.


2. Edoxi

Edoxi Training Institute offers one of the best cutting-edge UI UX design courses in Dubai. Their training program is designed to train you to get skilled in UX design with a one-of-a-kind and progressive curriculum. From designing low-fidelity wireframes to test prototypes they have it all covered.
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3. Human Factors International.

This is another UI UX Designing Institute in Dubai that specializes in providing the best course for students. They offer a suite of training courses for everything you need to know about UX design—from knowing your users to creating compelling online interactions to growing to industrial-strength UX. Their course structure is very flexible for users and various challenges that target the learner’s creativity./p>


4. Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI)

The DIDI is another renowned institute to learn UI UX Design in Dubai. The Institute provides a bachelor’s degree course in the field which goes for 3 years and completely covers the whole of the designing field. The main motive of the institute is to challenge the student’s creativity and to ensure that the student can face any challenges and accomplish them without fail.



5. Amity Future Academy

The Amity Future Academy is another UI UX Design Institute in Dubai that is really popular for its work with students. The course the institute provides is ideal for yearning for UX designers & Product specialists who want to improve their career opportunities at a current employer, find a new job or grow their own business or product. Apart from the Preparatory Session, the course goes for a time duration of 12 months. 

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6. Uxbert 

Uxbert labs are an innovative group of digital craftsmen with international expertise dedicated to helping a business to grow and engineer beautiful experiences. Along with this the company also provides a UI UX Design Course in Dubai which covers everything from the basics to the professional level. Also providing flexible timings and practical experience to the customer ensures that learning here is a once in a lifetime opportunity.



7. Learners Point Academy

Learners Point Academy is another popular corporate training academy that provides the UI UX Design course in Dubai.  Their main goal is to contribute to society by building a new generation talent pool, bringing innovative solutions to the Information Technology market by alignment of skills, resources and culture. The academy provides a full hand experience and learning course of 3 weeks and has quite a flexible timing for interested learners. Along with this the learners also get a chance to gain experience in corporate offices. 




TECHVED Consulting gives Training in UI Design in Dubai UAE.TECHVED Consulting is a current and element association providing DESIGN training to organizations. They provide a novel mix of consultancy and hands-on education, giving you the beneficial aptitudes to enhance your execution. They don’t have the repetitive elements that are a piece of some scholarly educational modules; rather they will demonstrate to you proper procedures to unleash the power that lies behind.

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9. 1Training 

1Training is a UI UX designing institute in Dubai and is one of the more practical knowledge type of an institute. Cutting edge teaching techniques, a wide range of topics, is what they offer to potential learners here. The course is quite flexible and is built taking into account the customer’s comfort. 


10. NobelProg

NobelProg is one of the UI UX Design institutes that showcases the User Experience (UX) Design training courses demonstrating through interactive hands-on practice over the fundamentals and advanced concepts of UX Design. The course is available at different places in Dubai and the duration of the course is around 35 hours. The course apart from the basic interactive assignment also provides corporate experience and great placement opportunities. 


Payscale for UI/Ux Designer

UI UX Design Courses in Dubai

For an entry-level or a fresher as a UX designer who has a minimum or less than 1-year of experience can hope to achieve an average payslip of  ₹396,076 which will include tips, bonuses, and overtime pay and this is a database collected over 173 salaries. A candidate who has experience of 1 to 4 years will be able to earn ₹539,188 based on 973 salaries. A person who has experience ranging from 5 to 9 years is expected to earn an average compensation of ₹905,115 based on 341 salaries. As for designers having 10-19 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₹1,374,924 based on 113 salaries. Finally, a designer it more than 20 years of experience will be earning total compensation of ₹1,489,500.

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