We live deep inside the core of a digital age. Digital business strategies have been developed by 95 percent of startups as a result of the rapid development of the digital economy, with most conventional companies embarking on some sort of digital transformation. The seismic change brings more digital marketing opportunities than ever before, but can your dream digital marketing work be secured without previous expertise? We all have to start somewhere that means awareness and education is a must: if you show a working grasp of the basics as well as an understanding of current industry dynamics, you will be offering yourself the best chance of success in digital marketing.

When you have developed a strong digital marketing skillset, you will definitely want to get out there and pursue your dream job.

In order to secure a job that will contribute to a rewarding long-term digital marketing career, you may need to take proactive action to demonstrate your abilities, reliability, adaptability, enthusiasm, and expertise. That being said, there are companies out there searching for talented upstarts they can teach, grow, and upskill in the job.


However, there are some dos and don’ts that can help make or break your application to be a successful applicant and stand out for prospective employers.


Things you should do:

  1. Be diligent and apply to all entry-level digital marketing positions that you believe are going to be worthwhile, even though you might not be the match.
  2. To make yourself available to recruiters, add your CV and bio to LinkedIn and a host of other credible career marketplaces.
  3. Be successful on social media, share your awareness of the niche industry, sparkling dialogs with people you believe could be important to your career, and highlight your expertise in social media marketing.
  4. Know and stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends in the industry by daily reading of popular publications that are important to your niche.
  5. To demonstrate your expertise, communication skills, and a distinctive tone of voice, start a blog, and create informative articles on a specific subject regularly.
  6. Put enough time into each of your applications, study your employer in-depth and tailor your cover letter, curriculum vitae, and any other communications specific to the position.


Things you shouldn’t do:

  1. Exaggerate or lie about your skills, qualifications, or credentials; if you win a job for yourself and you’ve been untruthful, you’re not going to hold it for long.
  2. Send out generic CV blankets or cover letters hoping to get a digital marketing job at the entry-level-if you do, the application will be sent straight to the bottom of the digital slush pile.
  3. Be complacent about your learning: Awareness and quality are two of digital marketing’s main performance factors.
  4. If you believe you need it, give it up or be afraid to ask for expert guidance, assistance, or mentorship.

Our thoughts on this.

Is there any experience to get a digital marketing job? Sure, it is, but there are no shortcuts to success in a profession that is ultra-competitive, constantly evolving, and constantly challenging: to succeed you will have to put in the hours of studying your craft, develop your skills and continue until you land your first dream job.

Here are some practical tips for beginning your digital marketing career to support you in your quest for digital marketing mastery.


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