Keyword Research

Keyword research is when professionals indulging in search engine optimization look for keywords in order to optimize their website and achieve a higher ranking on Google. These keywords are the terms that users use while exploring their desired topics on Google.

There is no such thing as using the ‘right keywords’. This is because different users have different methods and terms that they use to search for different topics. Some users may use the keywords that you have adapted in your website while others may not even think about it.

Keyword research is a non-obvious activity as you never know what goes on in the minds of the user. As this is a rudimentary process, a lot of time and effort should be spent in building a strong keyword list. There are a lot of activities after keyword research, and if this is not done properly then all of those activities suffer a negative impact.

A great importance should be placed upon long tail keywords. These keywords can help you achieve great conversions. For example- if you are selling bottled mineral water and a user posts a query asking ‘is bottled mineral water good for health?’ It is obvious that if you answer this question, the user will be attracted to your website.

At Anuvaa, we follow very important steps while doing keyword research in order to widely reach out to your customer base.

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    • We start by building up your keyword universe. The different words that can be associated with your business are made a note of. We peruse through PPC data, competitor insights, internal search data, analytics data, etc. in order to get the keywords that will help in maximum optimization. This helps create a “seed word” list.

    • The Google Keyword List can be used in order to expand your “seed word” list. We check the search volumes of the different keywords that have been finalized. The best way is to use the paid method to check the conversion rates of different keywords. It helps us create an ace keyword list for your website.

    • Once we have created a keyword universe for you, we make a priority list. This list will include the important keywords. Some firms may have 20 important keywords whereas big businesses can end up with 100 or more. We prioritize those keywords that have a higher ability to generate more website traffic for your company.

    • After this, we bifurcate these keywords into different groups andassociate them with different landing pages.

    • Lastly, there is always the possibility that newer keywords can help you increase your business. To stay on top of it, we keep an eye on analytics and PPC data so that we can refresh the keywordsthat you have been using time and again.

    The professionals at Anuvaa are well aware of conducting the kind of keyword research that can help in ensuring that the website of our customers’ companies maintains top rankings on Google. We have experienced practitioners who have helped different companies across different industries optimize their webpages. Since this is one of the primary steps to search engine optimization, hiring experts would be a very lucrative decision.

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