On page optimization

On Page optimization is a part of search engine optimization that focuses on how the pages of a particular website can be optimized and what can be done on the pages itself. This happens after competition analysis, keyword research and link building.

A proper on page optimization will ensure that a website achieves higher Google rankings and also the quality of the content provided will be very useful to readers. Quality is of utmost importance when it comes to on page optimization. A lot of people try to work the system but Google is Google for a reason. It values a good quality of work. We, at Anuvaa, ensure that the website of our customers have content that is of optimum quality.

We place high importance on keyword research and links in order to adhere to all the rules to achieve higher rankings. Using tags wherever necessary and adding it to the keywords makes our work unique. It is crucial that keywords be repeated on a webpage but that does not mean that by doing this the purpose of the page is lost on the reader. We prepare content that provides information to the user and impresses Google enough to give our customers a higher rank.

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    There are a few on page optimization techniques that we adhere to-

    • Architecture and URL structure
      Our professionals are responsible for designing an attractive webpage and deciding the URL structure. Website development is a creative technique that involves understanding how to present our customers’ products and services to their customers.

    • Content Optimization
      Building content for a website requires that the users be kept in mind when the content is developed. But for the purpose of optimization, it must be ensured that the keywords are not limited only to the headline but are repeated over and over in the content.
      t can be taken care of by concentrating on the needs of the users first while developing the content. After the content has been developed, it can be modified to suit the needs of the search engines.

    • META Tags
      hese include the title tag and the description. These help users identify what exactly a particular page is talking about and whether or not it is of any use to them.

    • Frequency of content update
      Search engines are always looking for something fresh. It is important that you continuously feed new and renewed information on your website. This is done not only for the users but also for search engines as, they will promote your website if they find fresh content on it.

    • Image, Header and Video Optimization
      Interesting graphics help grab a lot of attention. Converting your content into videos and pictures help customers in understanding the offerings of a company.

    The above-mentioned pointers are our checklist. For on page optimization, we ensure that we cover all the topics and provide the best service to our customers. These pointers allow us to stay focused on the work that we need to carry out and give first priority to the needs of our customers.

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