Promotional SMS

Promotional Bulk SMS is sent in order to promote products or services. This is a cost effective way of marketing and is very target oriented.

Promotion Bulk SMS Marketing is a great way to introduce and advertise new products in the market.With promotional Bulk SMS services, you don’t have to manually send SMS to each and every number. Bulk SMS software sends the same message to hundreds at once.

Promotional Bulk SMS Services helps you to individually personalize your advertising messages. Users can be targeted based on their demographic and behavioural profiles with bulk SMS Marketing campaigns.

Promotional Bulk SMS Services lets you can use your brand name as sender Id, and helps you keep in touch with your regular customers in a more personalised way. For example you can greet them on occasions like Diwali, Holi, Christmas, Eid etc. Through Bulk SMS services you can also let them know about discounts or new products coming up.

With promotional Bulk SMS services you can receive instant delivery reports with great accuracy. You can also track the history of bulk SMS sent. Your Bulk SMS reseller can help you with that.

Promotional Bulk SMS also allows you to schedule messages and send them later as and when required.

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